Apply Now! Australian Survivor Auditions 2024, Open Casting Call, Application

Australian Survivor Audition 2024: Want to apply to the Australian Survivor Audition 2024-2025? You are in the right place, you will learn everything about the Australian Survivor Audition application, the Australian Survivor 2024-2025 registration process, winners, the Audition venue and many more.

What is an Australian Survivor?

In essence, Australian Survivor is a reality game show similar to the Survivor model but set in Australia. The competition show has a group of contestants who are stranded in a remote location and must provide fire, food, water, and a safe place to stay for themselves.

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Australian Survivor Winners Prize 2024

In challenges, the contestants compete for cash prizes and immunity from elimination from the show. When only one contestant is left, they are awarded the title of “Sole Australian Survivor” and a fantastic prize of about $500,000. The other contestants vote them out one at a time.

Survivor Australian 2024 Details

1GenreReality competition Show
2Show Created ByCharlie Parsons (He is a British Television producer known as the creator of the Survivor franchise)
3Based onExpedition Robinson (Swedish reality game show) / Survivor
by legendry British Television producer Charlie Parsons
4Presented by
(survivor Australia host)
Jonathan LaPaglia (2016-present)
Ian “Dicko” Dickson (2006)
Lincoln Howes (2002)
5Starringby Survivor Australia cast (List of Australia Survivor given below)
6Executive producersStephen Peters (2002)
David Mason (2006)
Amelia Fisk (2016–2020)
Tim Toni (2016–2017)
Keely Sonntag (2019–2021)
David Forster (2022–present)
7Production companiesCastaway Television (2002–present),
Endemol Shine Australia (2016–present)
8Original networkNetwork 10 (2016–present)
Nine Network (2002)
Seven Network (2006)
9Country of originAustralia
10Original languageEnglish
11No. of seasons9
12No. of episodes198 (and 2 specials)
13Theme music composerRuss Landau (2016–present)
14Running time60 minutes (inc. adverts)(2002, 2006)
70-90 minutes (inc. adverts)(2016–present)
15Picture formatPAL (2002, 2006)
HDTV 1080i (2016–present)
16Original releaseFirst Edition (Australian Survivor Origanal series)
3 February 2002 – 15 May 2002
First Australian Survivor revived series:
17 August 2006 – 2 November 2006
Second Australian Survivor revived series:
21 August 2016 – present
17Related showsCompanion showsJury Villa
Talking Tribal
American Survivor
International versions

Story Behind Survivor 2024 Australian

The programme follows the same structure as its alternate iterations. The players, who are members of a few tribes, are transported to a wilderness location and made to survive for a while on meagre supplies.

The groups are pitted against one another for rewards using a variety of physical and mental challenges. This forces the opposing tribe to attend Tribal Council, where they should essentially vote one of their teammates out of the game.

Winning the Immunity prevents that person from being eliminated from the game when the tribes are changed into a single tribe and rivalries are on an individual level in the middle of the game.

The majority of players that are typically voted off during this stage advance towards becoming members of the Tribal Council Jury.

About Australian Survivor

The international Survivor franchise is owned by Castaway Television Productions, and the network that produces it, CBS, agreed to allow Nine, an Australian television network, to air the American series in exchange for them creating a local version of the franchise. Nine had previously broadcast the American version as the franchise’s flagship show. Lincoln Howes, a journalist, served as presenter of the show’s inaugural Australian season, which was produced in 2002.

Poor ratings were a result of the production’s subpar quality, unimpressive cast, stale plot, and post-production problems. Nine decided against a second season.

In 2006, Seven, another Australian network, relaunched the series with a celebrity edition, reducing the cast from the usual 16 to 12. During this season, famous people competed for charity, while Ian Dickson served as the host.

Although fans seemed to like this version a little bit better, the ratings remained underwhelming. Additionally, Seven cancelled the show.

Jonathan LaPaglia served as the host of the third series, which was produced by Ten, Australia’s third-largest television network. With 24, the number of participants competing was dramatically increased in this version, which also featured features common to American series including Hidden Immunity Idols, Exile Island, game advantages, and the well-known Ancient Voices theme music.

The 2016 season was a ratings success thanks to its high production value, fiercely competitive cast, and attractive host, LaPaglia, who was compared to Jeff Probst in America in terms of appearance and hosting manner. Since then, Network Ten has been the program’s home.

Late in 2017, CBS bought Network Ten, which included the rights to the Australian Survivor name.

Australian Survivor Auditions Requirements

The following specifications are anticipated for the upcoming season of the programme based on the past seasons:

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a permanent resident or an Australian citizen.
  • You must have swimming ability.
  • To survive under some of the most difficult circumstances ever encountered, you must be both physically and mentally strong.
  • You must have social skills, be self-assured, and feel at ease sharing a small space with strangers.

How to Apply for survivor Australia 2024

To apply for Survivor Australia Application 2024, you must know about the step-by-step survivor casting process. Here are the steps

  • Candidates can apply for survivor application 2024 Australia by going to the channel’s official website.
  • Candidates must choose and click the “Apply” link (10play Australian survivor-
  • The candidates must next carefully read all of the terms and conditions.
  • The candidates must then complete the registration form by providing information such as their name, age, date of birth, gender, city, state, phone number, and address.
  • Next, applicants must post their brief talent video in the specified format.
  • Candidates confirm that all of their completed information is accurate and valid.
  • Finally, double-check all the information before pressing the submit button.

After that, the Survivor contestant Application is done. Hope your queries about how to apply survivor have been covered. If you facing an issue with “how to register for survivor”, than you can share it in the comment section.

Survivor Australia Host

There are no specific judges for the competition, although the Australian Survivor has been presented by many different persons over the years.

Australian Survivor Judges

When the programme initially aired in 2002, Lincoln Howes served as its inaugural host.The show was then presented by Ian Dickson in 2006, and Jonathan LaPaglia is doing so at the moment.

Which Australian Survivor stars are in the new season 2024?

While we don’t yet have a confirmed list of contestants, So Dramatic! has generously listed the potential Australian Survivor stars who will return to compete in the new season.

Kristie Bennett (2016), Shaun Hampson (2019), Nina Twine (2022), Jordie Hansen (2022), George Mladenov AKA George from Bankstown (2019), and Shonee Fairfax (2018/2020) are reportedly among the survivors.

According to the sneaky insider who spoke with the podcast, old pal Ciarran Stott from The Bachelor Australia franchise was also approached to join the show.

Which celebrities will be in the new Australian Survivor season 2024?

Another controversial celebrity has apparently been added to the mix this year, following in the footsteps of Sophie Cachia’s random casting in the Blood v Water season of Australian Survivor in 2022.

Producers were inspired by the messed up Sydney Morning Herald article in which ingrown toenail Andrew Hornery attempted to out Rebel Wilson, according to the So Dramatic! podcast.

Australian Survivor Auditions Cast 2024

The popular programme, which debuted its seventh Australian season earlier this year, has been confirmed to air on Channel 10 again the following year. It appears that the production team will be attempting a fairly well-liked theme for the first time.

Fans of both versions of Survivor have long wished for a Heroes Vs. Villains season because the US version of the show has been running for decades, but before we got our own version of it, we had to develop the Australian game’s hero and villains.

According to “So Dramatic,” 2016 winner Kristie Bennett is on board and will probably play a hero.

Other rumoured returnees include Survivor superstar Shonee Fairfax, who competed in both the 2018 and 2020 series and finished in the top 10 both times, and 2019 contestant Shaun Hampson, a retired AFL footballer best known for his heated rivalry with Survivor all-star David Genat.

In terms of more recent castaways, Jordie Hansen and Nina Twine, who just made their ‘Blood V Water’ debut this year, as well as George Mladenov, who finished second in 2021, are all included on the list.

Since appearing on the show, Jordie has continued to be well-known. He even started dating Australian actress Sam Frost, whose brother competed against Jordie in the 2022 season.

Since Nina had to leave the programme early due to an injury, everyone will be eagerly awaiting her comeback. Nina is the child of Sandra Diaz-Twine, a well-known Survivor US contestant and two-time series champion.

List of Australian Survivor Winners & Runner Up

The Australian Survivor 9 season has been completed. check the list of All Season Australian Survivor Winners & runnerup.

SeasonWinner1st Runner Up
Survivor Season 1Rob DicksonSciona Browne
Survivor Season 2Guy LeechJustin Melvey
Survivor Season 3Kristie BennettLee Carseldine
australian survivor season 4 castJericho MalabongaTara Pitt
Survivor Season 5Shane GouldSharn Coombes
Aus Survivor Season 6Pia MirandaBaden Gilbert
Aus Survivor Season 7David GenatSharn Coombes
Aus Survivor Season 8Hayley LeakeGeorge Mladenov
Aus Survivor Season 9Mark WalesChrissy Zaremba & Shayelle “Shay” Lajoie
Australian Survivor Winners & runner up

What are the venues for the Australian Survivor audition?

The venue for the Australian Survivor audition venue is not yet confirmed. Once we get the details, data will be updated here.

Australian Survivor Twiter Updates

Australian Survivor Instagram

FAQ – Australian Survivor 2023

Where can I see Australian Survivor?

Amazon Prime Video can be the best place to watch the Australian Survivor reality Game Show. The most recent season available to stream is All Stars (season 7), which places the UK almost two seasons behind schedule

What is the most recent season of Australian Survivor 2023?

Most recently, Blood V Water the title of Australian Survivor was renewed for a ninth season, which premiered on 31 January 2022. This season was filmed in Charters Towers in Queensland, Australia, much like the previous season, due to travel restrictions as well as safety concerns resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Why was Australian Survivor removed from Paramount plus?

The main reason behind the removal of Australian Survivors is Licencing Issue. Paramount+ only retains rights to episodes of Australian Survivor within the season that is currently airing.

Is Australian Survivor on Amazon Prime?

You can watch the session from Amazon Prime. Check the below link to know more about Australian Survivor 2023

How to Apply for Australian Survivor Audition 2023?

it’s simple, The Australian Survivor 2023 Application form will be available on its official website,, You can visit and fill out the form. This is the one and only option for applying for this show. Registration for the next season will begin shortly on the official channel or program.

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