Love Island USA Season 4 Winners 2022: America’s favourite couple has been crowned from “Love Island USA Season 4” after 35 episodes of pieing faces and exchanging food and drink between their mouths and 34 islanders.

Love Island USA Winner 2022

Zeta Moron, , a 29 year-old model and babysitter from Suri, England and Timmy Pandelfi (a 29-year old personal trainer and real estate agent from New York City) were named the 2022 “Love Island” winners on Aug. 28.

Jesse Bray, Deb Chubb, Isaiah Campbell, and Sydney Paight were runners-up. After their first meeting, all three couples had gotten together in the first episode.

It’s been a tough road to Zeta Morrison as well as Timmy Pandolfi. But they persevered and were able to win Season 4 of ‘Love Island America’. In the premiere of the season, Zeta and Timmy formed an instant bond which not everyone was successful in achieving with their day-one partners. Courtney Boerner, for instance was considering her options this season, and reconnected three times. 

Zeta and Timmy on the other hand remain devoted to each other. But their relationship was strained when their new siblings Chazz as well as Bria Bryant came into the picture their lives, and Chazz was able to get his sister Timmy.

Love Island USA 2022 Winners Prize

Zeta Moron and Timmy Pandelfi were crowned the “Love Island USA 2022 winners” The two split a $100,000 prize.

List of Love Island America winners

Season 1Zac Mirabelli & Elizabeth Weber
Season 2Caleb Corprew & Justine Ndiba
Season 3Olivia Kaiser and Korey
Season 4Zeta Moron & Timmy Pandelfi
Love Island USA 2022 Winners

Q1. Who won Love Island USA 2022 Season 4?

Ans. Zeta Moron & Timmy Pandelfi won the Love Island USA 2022.

Q2. Who won Love Island USA Season 3 Winner?

Last season of Love Island winners are Olivia Kaiser and Korey. where Olivia Kaiser is a Scottsdale cosmetologist and Korey is a rental car company branch manager  who won last season of “Love Island.”

Q3. Who won Love Island USA Season 2 Winner?

Caleb Corprew & Justine Ndiba are The winners of love island season 2 winners. when Caleb Corprew 24-year old and Justine Ndiba 27-year old.

Q4. Who won Love Island USA Season 1 Winner?

Zac Mirabelli & Elizabeth Weber won the First American Reality show Love island.