A locked house, and contestants striving to attain victory, Big Brother Australia is an Australian reality show based on the international Big Brother format created by John de Mol.

The show involves a group of participants known as “housemates” who live together in a specially designed house that is separated from the outside world, similar to earlier iterations of the format. During their stay in the house, the housemates are constantly observed by live television cameras and personal audio microphones. Elimination and eviction constantly take place. The competition is won by the last remaining housemate, who receives a monetary reward.

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Big Brother, a rule-enforcing authority figure who watches the housemates’ behaviour, assigns chores, and punishments, and provides a system for contestants to make external demands, is in charge at all times. Housemates converse with Big Brother as a single person, unlike in prior editions of the show. Big Brother developed a sense of dry humour in his dealings with the housemates during the course of the series, and is seen as the embodiment of the show’s producers.

Winners of Big Brother Australia

Ben WilliamsSeries 1
Peter CorbettSeries 2
Regina BirdSeries 3
Trevor ButlerSeries 4
David and Greg (Logan) MatthewSeries 5
Jamie BrooksbySeries 6
Aleisha Lee CowcherSeries 7
Terri MunroSeries 8
Benjamin NorrisSeries 9
Tim DormerSeries 10
Ryan GinnsSeries 11
Chad HurstSeries 12
Marley BiyendoloSeries 13
Big brother australia winners

Judges of Big Brother Australia

Presented byGretel Killeen, Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Sonia Kruger
Narrated byMike Goldman and Sonia Kruger
Big brother australia judges

Big Brother Australia Contestants 2022

Contestant NameAge
Aleisha Campbell24
Gabbie Keevill22
Joel Notley27
Johnson Ashak25
Lara Phillips52
Lulu Oliveira39
Mel Todd41
Sam Manovski31
Taras Hrubyj-Piper34
Josh Goudswaard32
Anthony Drew33
David Graham42
Estelle Landry33
Layla Subritzky34
Reggie Sorensen48
Trevor Butler48
Tim Dormer37
Tully Smyth34
Brenton Parkes26
Jules Rangiheuea28
big brother australia contestants

The big brother austrailia Eligibility Criteria

If the producers select an individual for an interview in the semi-finals, the individual must be willing to travel at their own expense to be at the interview location determined by the producers. The producers reserve the right to add, cancel, and/or substitute other cities as interview locations.

If selected by the producers for an interview in the finals, one must be willing to travel to Los Angeles for approximately one week at a time as scheduled by the producers.

The selected candidates must also be willing to live in the Big Brother house located in Los Angeles for approximately 100 days as determined by the producers, with little or no privacy at all.

For the length of your participation in the contest, the house is fully equipped with video and audio recording devices that will record, broadcast, and display your movements and voice at all times, every day, every week in every room of the house. The producers, as well as the general public watching on television, the internet, mobile devices, and other media, will be watching you at all times.

The participant must be 21 years old and be a citizen of and reside in the United States. The participants must not be running for public office at the time and should be in good physical and mental shape.

If one is chosen as a finalist, they must fill out the participant form package that will be provided to you and include affidavits, release papers, and waivers for the candidate’s family, among other things. One must also submit to producer-led physical and mental testing.

The participants also authorise the producers to conduct civil, criminal, financial, driving history and any other sort of background checks considered required by the producers by applying for participation in Big Brother.

The producers seek a group of lively people who are articulate, intriguing, and enthusiastic about the project, as well as eager to reveal their most private thoughts in front of a large audience of strangers.

How to Apply for the big brother australia auditions 2023 ?

To apply, one must go to bigbrothercasting.tv and fill out an online application as well as upload a video.

Regardless of whether or not chosen, any material submitted by the participant, including recordings and images, will be retained by the producers and become their property, which will not be returned.

Any expenses incurred during this time will not be reimbursed by the producers.

If selected for an interview, the participants will be notified by the producers. The latter reserves the right to modify the application’s terms and the production schedule at any moment.


Whether it is happiness, sadness, or anger, the contestants experience a rollercoaster of emotions. The show gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of ordinary strangers who have to stay together and interact with one another.

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