The Voice Uk has reached to it’s next round & today it’s going to be the last episode of The Voice Uk Blind auditions. Today, we will get The voice uk confirmed contestants of season.

Till now total 51 contestants have participated in The Voice Uk Blind auditions & out of them 14 Contestants have been eliminated. Therefore till now we are left with 37 Confirmed contestants with 1 episode remaining. Here is the list of BBC The Voice confirmed contestants

Sr No.ArtistAgeSong
1Anthonia Edwards25“Unconditionally”
2Lucas Miles19“I Guess I’m in Love”
3David Adeogun20“In the Silence”
4Thomas & Emilie25 & 30“Bring Him Home”
5Cleo Clayton23“On My Mind”
6Mark Howard27“Anywhere Away from Here”
7Beatty Brothers32 & 27“You Are the Reason”
8Harrison James24“2002”
9Shaka27“Good Luck”
10Lee Jones50“Hold My Girl”
11Rain Castillo22“Simmer”
12Rachel Modest45“For All We Know”
13Benjamin Moss27“Hallelujah I Love Her So”
14Kai Benjamin18“7 Rings”
15Noèva31“A Woman’s Worth”
16Marc Halls35“Drivers License”
17Eddy Pop28“Breakeven”
18Clare Cordell31“Ain’t No Way”
19Andres Cruz24“Don’t Go Yet”
20Rhys Christian30“So Sick”
21Monroe30-36“What’s Up?”
22Rhianna Keane22“Leave the Door Open”
23Hannah Rowe19“Don’t Leave Me Lonely”
24Jake of Diamonds28“Words” (original song)
25Triniboi Joocie32“Bottle Over Head”
26Francesca Fairclough27“Everybody’s Changing”
27Smokiecoco21 & 24“These Words”
28Mila Lake16“You Can’t Stop the Girl”
29Anthony Hughes29“Butter”
30Tom Hartley Booth33“God Only Knows”
31Kira Mac26“Nothing Else Matters”
32Tobi Kaye34“I’m Getting Ready”
33Helen Leahy34“Where the Wild Roses Grow”
34Abela Brother26“Beggin'”
35Olivia Mason21“Killing Me Softly”
36Naomi Johnson26“Emotions”
37Ruby Joyce18“Linger”
38Olivia Mulqueeney16“Good Without”
39Niamh Nolan25“Shallow”
40Beatty Brothers32 & 27“You Are the Reason”
41Harrison James24“2002”
42Shaka27“Good Luck”
43Lee Jones50“Hold My Girl”
44Rain Castillo22“Simmer”
45Rachel Modest45“For All We Know”
The Voice Uk Confirmed Contestants so Far

51 participates

The Voice UK Eliminated Contestants 2022

Sr No.Artist
1Sandy Grigelis
2Richard Hadfield
3Tom Collins
4Jordan Spencer
5Alicia Hooper
6Jordan Brook
7Mandeep Singh
8Aaron Bolton
9Tom Collins
10Steven Hastings
11Aaron Garrett
12Amanda Lepusinka
13Richard Hadfield
14Charlotte Riby
BBC The Voice Uk Eliminated Contestants 2022

Who will be participating in The Voice Blind Auditions tonight ?

Jamie Andrew
Hatice Tuzun

What’s next after Blind Auditions in The Voice Uk tonight ?

This time The Voice Uk 2022 format have been changed, now we will see Callback for the first time in The Voice Uk history.