How to Apply for Voice Acting Auditions Jobs [Complete Guide]

Voice Acting Auditions: You must first succeed in your audition if you want to become a successful voice actor for cartoons, video games, audiobooks, movies, or advertisements. Although the voice-acting industry is competitive, you can succeed in it by consistently practising, perfecting your craft, and taking acting classes. Making effective voice-acting auditions is the first step to getting voice-over gigs.

What are voice acting auditions?

The first step to finding lucrative and ongoing voice acting work is to attend voice acting auditions.

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In order to locate a voice that fits their project, clients frequently listen to voice-over auditions or samples before hiring you for voice-over work. Thus, acing a voice acting audition results in landing a job, getting hired again, and building trusting connections with clients.

However, voice-over auditions will need to adjust in 2022 to things like tighter timelines and modified project specifications. We facilitate meaningful connections between clients and voice actors. Ultimately, a voice-over audition is how this happens.

As a result, we are here to advise you on what voice acting auditions to attend as well as how to do so.

A special, free checklist with few pointers for winning voice acting auditions is also included.

Make your auditions online count?

Voice acting auditions are the initial stage in getting voice acting work, therefore they are similar to job interviews. Therefore, you must put out your utmost effort.

This is due to the fact that online voice-over auditions do not offer a second opportunity. There is no going back if a word is mispronounced, the incorrect file is sent, or even worse, the brief is not delivered. The audition stage is a “one shot, one chance” opportunity and calls for acute precision and meticulous execution.

How can I effectively audition for voice acting in 2022?

A) Go to the studio, read the description, and record the audition?

B) Go to the recording studio, read the script, and record the audition?

Both options would be appropriate if all you wanted to do was record and submit a voice-over audition. But what if you wanted to create a voice over audition for a client that they could only think about once? We require a voice like this.

Then you ought to pick option C.

C) Read and practise the screenplay, consider the end result, examine the project description, and then record a strong audition!

Opportunities for Home Voice Acting for Novices

An enormous portion of the voice acting industry has moved from the traditional on-site recording studio to the limitless online market over the past few decades as a result of the internet and remote working methods. This has made it simpler than ever for voice actors, both experienced and new, to submit online audition videos and secure lucrative, thrilling, and well-known voice over work from the comfort of their homes.

Today’s market makes it easier to start a voice acting profession than it once was, when you were normally required to be based in or near a major market (like New York or Los Angeles). It’s not unusual for voice performers to submit an online audition, get hired, and finish their voice over assignments entirely from home, without having to meet a client in person.

Voices, which was established in 2005, is still a leading marketplace for audio services that gives voice actors convenience, control, and unmatched access to a vast array of employment options. No other source offers opportunities with the breadth or quantity that Voices does.

The most crucial step in applying for voice over jobs online is to submit a voice over audition. Voice acting at home is not, however, a completely hassle-free experience. Just because you can now audition and record voice over work online without going into a studio does not mean that it is.

Advice for performing well in voice acting auditions

  • Read: You can get a sense of the client’s perspective by carefully reading the project description.
  • Look over the project script: Imagine it as organising the rest stations for your upcoming road trip. The location? a professional voiceover.
  • Plan: Just like you wouldn’t arrive at the office the moment you get out of bed, avoid recording when you’re unprepared or not “feeling it.”
  • Your voice acting auditions will gain a creative edge if you: Give the client something that will make them say, “Oh, that’s intriguing!”
  • Utilize your acting talents: A professional voice actor should have acting abilities in addition to a superb voice. Various performing modalities are needed for voice-over roles. You could need to use an announcer’s voice for one promo endeavour, while an accent might be needed for another. To build on their line delivery and technique, voice actors can enrol in acting workshops or employ an acting coach. Work on your line delivery through practice or classes prior to your audition to make sure you’re in the appropriate frame of mind to go into character.
  • Don’t recreate the wheel: take on the role of whatever is required to succeed in your voice-over auditions.
  • Take initiative: In the same audio file, present two takes. Before entering the studio, be hydrated: Additionally, consuming a green apple can lessen mouth clicks.
  • Test: Before pressing “record,” test your microphone and recording equipment three times.
  • Be careful how you pronounce things: Read the material carefully and make sure you can pronounce any unfamiliar words. To seem more natural when delivering the line, look up the terms in advance and practise saying them.
  • To safeguard your voice-over work: You are free to slate, watermark, omit, or alter a word, but make sure the client has provided a choice.
  • Make additional recordings: To provide a potential customer more possibilities, voice actors should record at least two takes. The majority of professional casting directors or clients can recognise the proper voice upon first hearing it, but a second take might persuade them that your voice is the best fit for the role. To make sure you deliver the casting director the best take, label each of your numerous takes correctly and keep track of them.
  • Know how to utilise the tools: you’ll be using to edit, cut, and export your audio files to a casting director or client if you’re auditioning from a home recording studio. Make sure your PC or external hard drive has enough space for music files and a strong Internet connection.
  • Check. Double-check: Verify three times that you used the correct file, formatting, editing, and cover letter.
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