Hello Africa, It’s a super time for African people who love music and want to participate in The Voice Africa Audition 2022. We know that it’s not in the news of the singing competition franchise The Voice Debut in Africa. But over the past week, Franchise announced that “Registration is open” for The Voice Africa Season 1 audition and this time it will available for all 14 African countries.

In association with Airtel Africa and Fame Studio, The announcement of the commencement of The Voice Africa was become reality. As said for the Season 1 of The Voice Africa is now open to all fourteen African countries where Airtel Africa has a market presence.

List of African Countries which can take part of The Voice Africa Audition 2022

  1. Chad,
  2. Congo,
  3. DRC,
  4. Gabon,
  5. Kenya,
  6. Madagascar,
  7. Malawi,
  8. Niger,
  9. Nigeria,
  10. Rwanda,
  11. Seychelles,
  12. Tanzania,
  13. Uganda and
  14. Zambia.

As Voice Nigeria is currently in Nigeria to find rowing talent similarly  The voice competition asure to showcase the new talent in Africa with high-profile coaches.

The Voice Africa Season 1 Structure?

As per the announcement from the franchise,  The Voice Africa season 1 competition is divided into two stages –

  1.  The selection stage and
  2. Participation stage.

In stage one known as The selection stage, in this the candidates can register for voice Africa, give the pre-adoption and all other show lauching process will be done

This stage is very similar to  The Voice Nigeria season 4,

In 2nd stage which is know as  the participation stage of The Voice Africa audition season 1 involves the following;

  1. The Voice Africa show begins with the blind audition
  2. The Battles round
  3. The Knockouts round, and finally
  4. The Live & Finals performance

How to get Eligible for THE VOICE AFRICA SEASON 1

If you are planning to participate in The Voice Nigeria 2022 season 1 than you must have to follow the below eligibility criteria

  1. Candidate must be from Africa and its countries.
  2. Candidate must be at least 18 years of age by 21st October 2022
  3. Candidate must be ready to travel to Lagos Nigeria where the Blinds, Battles, Knockouts and Lives will take place

How To Register for the Voice Africa Season 1

The casting call for Voice Africa season 1 is open to all 14 African countries where Airtel Africa has a market presence. The candidates who want to participate the in The Voice Africa Season 1 can register for the show by below steps.

Here is the two-step registration process.

  1. To register for The Voice Africa audition season 1 open this link https://www.thevoice.africa/en/join
  2. Enter Your Name And Mobile Number
How to Apply for the voice Africa Audition 2022
  • After mobile Number validation, Enter your complete details like First Name, Last Name, Username and Password
Application form for the voice Africa Audition 2022
  • Click on Submit to regiter
  • As part of the registration process, participants will be expected to submit a 1 minutes video of them singing for The Voice Africa Season 1

Registration Closing Date for The Voice Africa Season 1

The voice Franchise has finalized the last date of Registration for Voice Africa season 1. Which will end on Sunday 20th November 2022.

So if you want to be a part of The Voice Africa Season 1 than Hurry and register early.

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What is the last date for The Voice Africa Audition 2022?

Sunday 20th November 2022 is the final closing date for the Show. If you want to participate in the show, You must have to apply before.

How to Apply for The Voice Africa 2022 casting Call?

You need to visit https://www.thevoice.africa/en/join and fill in all the details. After team will connect and share the other information.