Meet The Masked Singer Season 8 Contestants – Masked Singer USA 2022 Cast

Meet the Cast of Most awaited singing competetion The Masked Singer 2022, Here is the list of Masked Singer USA, Masked singer contestants 2022 & Masked Singer Cast Season 8.

The Masked Singer Overview

The Masked Singer season 8 is back for 2022 and brings new celebrity contestants in the race of winning the golden mask. The Masked Singer season 8 is the franchise of Masked singer & adapted from the Korean version of King of Mask Singer.

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GenreReality Singing competition
Based onKing of Mask Singer
by Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Developed byCraig Plestis
Directed byAlex Rudzinski and Brad Duns
Presented byNick Cannon
Opening theme“Who Are You”
by The Who
Country of originUnited States
Original languageEnglish
Original networkFox
Picture formatHDTV 720p
Audio format5.1 surround sound
(Dolby Digital)
Original releaseJanuary 2, 2019 – present
The Masked singer usa overview

In the renowned show, the masked singer cast 2022 has celebrities masked under various costumes & have to hide their identity while singing.

Contestants of Masked singers are covered from toe to head with various dresses & full face masks. The Masked Singer season 8 contestants are set to perform in the upcoming season of The Masked Singer 2022 & have perfected their voices and masks.

Contestants are set to compete in the upcoming series and their costumes are already getting a lot of support & cheers from the audience over social media.

The Masked Singer Cast 2022 season 8

Most the people are searching over google for Masked singer contestants & Masked singer cast 2022, here we go with the all names of contestants :

Sr. NoParticipantProfessionStatus
Stage nameCelebrityOccupation(s)Episodes
Round 1
Fortune TellerTBA
Robo GirlTBA
Sir Bug a BooTBA
Venus Fly TrapTBA
HedgehogEric IdleActor/comedianOUT
KnightWilliam ShatnerActorOUT
The Maske Singer Cast 2022


The stage will be set on fire by a pink dragon dressed as a bride. Their outfit is finished off with a veil, big white shoes, and blue acrylic nails. The bride is the third dragon to appear on The Masked Singer, and their look might be a play on the word “Bridezilla.”

The mask-ray clue for the bride was a ring, and some of the people who guessed it was Ariana Grande, Melissa McCarthy, and Sarah Hyland.

Fortune Teller

As a nod to a carnival fortune teller and a hint about who they are, their costume is green with red gloves and golden headgear. Fans tried their best to figure out who was hiding behind the mask. Josh Peck from Drake & Josh, Ludacris, and Tim Curry are some of the names that are going around.


The cowboy from season 8 of The Masked Singer wears a blue denim jacket with red gloves and boots. A bolo tie and a white and red cowboy hat finished off their look.


The only contestants whose voices have been heard in a sneak peek on social media. The elaborate golden character sang “Perfect” by Pink, and both the audience and the judges were blown away.

Sheet music, which could be a sign that they come from a classical music background, is a clue to who they are. So far, Amber Riley, Tamar Braxton, and Alicia Keys are the names that have been guessed the most.

The Masked Singer Cast : Harp


The person behind the mask is hard to figure out, just like the Avocado. A carrot was the only thing the audience had to go on. Most guesses about the character would be wild guesses, but Guy Fieri, Darren Criss, and James Marsden are names that have been thrown around.

The Masked Singer Contestant – Hedgehog


The Mermaid is one of the most talked-about masks for the coming season. The scales on their fins were different colors, and they had a beautiful purple faceplate and a beautiful headpiece to finish off their look. A shell was given as a hint about who this could be.

Masks like a Hummingbird, Knight, Lambs, Maize, Milkshake, Mummies, Panther, Pi-Rat, Robo Girl, Scarecrow, Sir Bugaboo, Venus Fly Trap, and Walrus have also been seen on The Masked Singer.


On the show, one of the famous people who are competing will be dressed as an insect. The yellow bug with a ladybug shell is part of their costume. It also has a grey suit and hair that looks like a mop top, which could be a tribute to one of The Beatles.

The Beetle’s mask-ray showed a leaf. This was one of the hints that the show has been giving. Fans have suggested Andrew Whitworth, who won the Super Bowl, and Rob Thomas, who is in the band Matchbox Twenty.


This season on The Masked Singer, one of the costumes is an avocado with a smiley face in the middle and green gloves to go with it. It’s one of the many food costumes that have been on the show since the beginning, like the Banana Split costume from season 6. (Katherine McPhee and David Foster).

Before the first episode of the season, the show gave hints about each costume. For this cute costume, the hint was “chips.”

Fans have been guessing about who is behind the mask, and these are some of the names that have been going around on social media. Some of the names on this list are Eric Estrada, Michael Pena, and Dax Shepard.

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