How to Cast for Hybe Auditions 2024: Eligibility Criteria, Casting Call & More

The largest multi-label Hybe Auditions 2024 Application will be held by HYBE Labels, and participants will have the opportunity to join Bighit Music, Pledis Entertainment, Source Music, Benefit, and other labels. View the application process for the HYBE multi-label audition here.

For K-pop fans everywhere, getting the chance to work with HYBE Labels Audition is like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The record company is home to some of the best music groups in the world, such as Grammy-nominated septet BTS (Bighit Music), self-producing million-seller group Seventeen (Pledis Entertainment), and more.

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About Hybe Auditions 2024

One of the most popular musical groups in the world is the K-pop group BTS. However, there may still be hope for you if you have ever wanted to join a similar international band. A multi-label audition for BTS will shortly be held in the United States by the management company HYBE. Hybe announced through Twitter on Sunday that it will be working with six other labels and holding live tryouts in Las Vegas. India will soon receive it.

The seven labels are made up of five companies based in South Korea: Belift Lab, Big Hit Music, KOZ Entertainment, Pledis Entertainment, and Source Music, as well as Hybe Labels Japan and Hybe America, according to tweets posted by BIGHIT Music Audition. The seven labels will bring on some fresh talent that could take over the music industry in the upcoming years. The tweet included a link for registering as well.

Candidates are required to indicate the category(ies) for which they will be auditioning when registering. Singing, Dancing, modelling and Rapping are the three categories that are now open to the candidates. Along with the registration forms asking for a production portfolio, HYBE is also accepting producers.

1Native name하이브
2Romanized namehaibeu
4Traded asKRX: 352820 (hybe stock)
6Genre– Dance
– R&B
– Hip-hop
7FoundedFebruary 1, 2005; 17 years ago (as Big Hit Entertainment Co., Ltd.)
March 31, 2021; 16 months ago (as HYBE Corporation)
8FounderBang Si-hyuk
9HeadquartersYongsan Trade Center, Yongsan, Seoul
, South Korea
10Key peopleBang Si-hyuk (Chairman)
Park Ji-won (CEO)
Lenzo Yoon (CEO, HYBE America)
Min Hee-jin (CBO)
11ServicesMusic Production, Publishing, New Artist Development, Artist Management
360° Business, IP, Platform & Education Business
12Revenue₩1.2 trillion (2021)
13Net income₩141 billion (2021)
14OwnerBang Si-hyuk (34.74%)
Netmarble Games (19.90%)
Individuals (22.38%)
Others (22.98%)
15Number of employeesApprox. 1000 (As of December 2020)
16SubsidiariesSee subsidiaries

How to apply for Hybe Auditions 2023-24

  • Click “Apply Online” on the homepage, and then click the “Apply Online” option.
  • A registration page or application form will then be displayed to you after that.
  • Enter the necessary data, including your email address, and then click the link to validate your email address.
  • You will get a verification email sent to your email address in a few minutes. In order to verify its validity, click the link.
  • You will need to choose the sort of audition you wish to participate in on the following page of registration after your registration is complete.
  • You can choose from acting, vocal rap modelling, dancing, and acting if you wish to choose the performance category.
  • Then, choose your birthplace and the day of your birth.
  • Describe your height, social media profiles, and other information.
  • JPG, GIF, and PNG file types should be used when uploading your image. Your photo shouldn’t be larger than 20MB.
  • After that, you can post the audition video. The file cannot be larger than 100 MB.
  • After selecting “I agree with the privacy policy,” complete the form.
  • After the registration procedure is finished, you will get an email confirming that your registration was successful. The team will contact you if they approve and accept your application.

Eligibility Criteria for Hybe Auditions 2024

  • First, the participant must be a woman.
  • Second, you must provide proof of your identification and permanent presence in India.
  • Thirdly, the contestant’s age is a consideration during registration. Only those who were born after 2000 are eligible to register.
  • Fourth, the contestant must be physically and mentally prepared to take part in the audition phase.
  • Most significantly, the contestant should be free from any obligations to any other organisation while taking part in this programme.
  • No applicant should, as a general rule, engage in criminal activity either before or during the audition.

Audition types in Hybe Auditions 2023

Singing is first. You must be able to submit a video and audio recording of your performance during a hybe audition in 2024.

Acting is the other category. You must provide two photos along with your performance film.

Modelling is the third and last course. You must submit your PR-ready movies and comprehensive photographs if you wish to participate in modelling. You are required to give a thorough introduction of yourself when you record the interview.

When will auditions start for hype labels in 2024

Although the screening date has not yet been set for hype auditions, you will be informed about it after registering. You may submit as many applications as you’d like for the show. If you make it past the audition, five labels in Japan will handle you as a Trainee.

Is Hybe Labels Auditions 2023 coming to India?

The rising popularity of BTS and K-Pop in general in India may act as a catalyst for opening up more audition chances there. Even a few years ago, it seemed practically unimaginable to see the South Korean boy band performing in India. However, the admirable love and support that BTS and other K-pop acts have been able to garner from Indian fans over the years has allowed the two-time Grammy Award-nominated band to select India as well for their year-end globe tour.

This audition is also known as the benefit lab audition 2022-23, some times, this is represented as Hyde labels audition 2023. hype audition 2023 link. This hype label audition for 2022 is for females only. these are the search terms which is closely related to this audition.


Q1. Are the screening times and other specifics set?

Ans. Dates for the screenings and other specifics for Hybe Auditions are still up in the air. Only those who successfully completed the written application stage will be contacted.

Q2. Can I submit an application as often as I like?

Ans. If at least one month has gone by since your last application, you may submit as many applications as you’d like.

Q3. What happens if I succeed in the HYBE LABELS auditions?

Ans. You will join the HYBE LABELS training programme.

Q4. Do I have to cover the contract or lesson costs if I pass the Hybe auditions?

Ans. You won’t be responsible for any contract or lesson costs.

Q4. Are there any costs associated with attending the Hybe auditions?

Ans. You are responsible for covering your own travel costs to and from the audition location

Q5. Will I have to leave school if I make it through the Hybe auditions and get a job as a trainee?

Ans. While pursuing your education, you can join our organisation. They want the trainees to balance their leisure and academic pursuits.

Q6. I currently work for an entertainment company/talent agency. Do I get to apply?

If your decision to leave the company has already been made, you may still apply. You may not apply if you do.

Q7. Can I apply even though I’ve never danced or sung before?

Ans. Candidates without a background in singing or dance are also encouraged to apply for Hybe Audition.
All artists who perform globally have no experience at first. They encourage you to take this opportunity to try dancing or singing.

Q8. Can I send footage of both singing and dancing?

Ans. No doubt. Sending only one of the two is also appropriate.

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