Chloe Ferry bursts into tears as she's thrown off flight to LA with boyfriend Johnny

Reality star Chloe Ferry was upset as she was thrown off of a flight to LA with her boyfriend Johnny after the pair forgot their visas

At Instagram, On Wednesday to share her excitement at jetting off to the US for a very special occasion

But just moments later the reality star was seen getting upset over her "bad luck".

She said, We were both absolutely buzzing. Johnny's just paid so much money to upgrade

She added, Then we get the flight, everything going nice. We haven't got the visas. We're sat here. Just my luck

I'm actually crying, I'm crying with devastation. I'm one woman with a lot of bad luck."

Chloe added, I need to laugh because if I don't I will cry. The flight took off five minutes ago - we're having no luck

Obviously we weren't on it. We're in one of the biggest airports in the world. We don't have out clue where our suitcases are. The suitcases are probably on the flight to LA