Love is Blind USA 2023 Auditions: “Are you a bachelor and your heart is beating for your dream partner? If ‘Yes’, then, here is good news for such people who are faithful, loyal, and really looking for a suitable date or life partner.”

‘Love is Blind’ is a Reality Dating Show which has been airing since 2020. Now it has entered in 4th Seasons’ Show. It gives a chance to eligible candidates to find their dream partner/date who have never met or seen each other. Contestants are put into individual pods for 10 days, wherein they can eat, drink and chat to their prospective date/partner without seeing each other.

At the end of 10 days, after the proposal, the couples are offered a tropical vacation together. During the trip, the couples get enough opportunities to know each other. They are allowed to share an apartment and get to know each other’s families.

Finally, on the day of the wedding, the couple meets at the altar and decides whether they really want to get married or not.

Love is Blind USA 2023 Auditions

Love is blind is a very popular show which has been aired by Netflix since 2020.

Love is Blind: History

It was made by Company called Kinetic Content and was created by Chris Coelen. Its first season was started in Atlanta on February 13, 2020, in the USA. It was made available on Netflix and YouTube Channel on March 05, 2020.

Love is Blind 2023 USA:  Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant must be a citizen of the US, Canada, the UK, or Ireland.
  • Applicant must be at least 18 years old and should have a valid Password
  • Should have Social Media Profile links (like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter)
  • The participants are chosen based on how they talked about their feelings.
  •  Based on seriousness of exploring a long-term relationship and/or getting married is the key point.

Find The new List of Love is Blind Season 3 Cast

How to Apply for Love is Blind USA 2023 Auditions

A. Procedure

  1. Eligible candidates should visit the website
  2. He/she should upload his/her auditions video of one minute or less on the website in the respective option.

B. Things Need to care:

An applicant must need to be taken care of the following things while uploading the application form & audition video on the website.

  • Shot in portrait mode.
  • Selfie video could be the best option
  • The time duration should be one minute or less.
  • Candidate should introduce his/her name, age, and where he you are from in your video
  • Accepted video formats: .mp4, .webm, .mov.
  • Video size Up to 250 MB.

Love is Blind USA 2023 Session 3 Casting call Update

Find the list of Love is Blind USA 2022 Cast list

Alexa Alfia27Insurance Agency OwneralexaalfiaCompetiting
Amanda Langston31Stylista_j_petersonCompetiting
Andrew Liu30Director of operationsa.curious.ape Competiting
Anthony LaScalea33AttorneylascaleaCompetiting
Ashley Randermann29Chiropractordr.randerCompetiting
Bartise Bowden27Senior analystbartisebCompetiting
Brannigan Maxwell35Critical care nursebranni_boom1913Competiting
Brennon Lemieux32Water treatment engineerbrennonlemieuxCompetition
Charita Scott35Makeup artistthecharnicoleCompetiting
Chelsey Jordan27Customer success managerchelly_lately privateCompetiting
Cole Barnett27RealtorcolebrennanbarnettCompetiting
Colleen Reed.
26Ballet dancer and digital PR strategistjellybean.colleenCompetiting
Dakota Easley29Aerospace engineerdakotaeasleyCompetiting
Dale Dalida32Cybersecurity studenti_am_dale89Competiting
DaVonte Black29Fitness development coachblack_sparrow23Competiting
Jessica Gumbert30Senior event producerrandom_life_of_jessCompetiting
Julian Torres34Managing director of operations jjt103Competiting
Kalekia Adams31ICU nurse practitionerkaleek1908Competiting
Kimberlee Clarke30Teacher and coachthekimepidemic2Competiting
Loren Langenbeck36Medical device representativelorenlangenbeckCompetiting
Matt Bolton28Private charter sales executivematt_bolton24Competiting
Nancy Rodriguez32Real estate investorthenancyrodriguezCompetiting
Nash Buehler34RealtorbuehlernCompetiting
Raven Ross29Pilates instructorpilatesbodyravenCompetiting
SK Alagbada34Data engineersk4ever2Competiting
Simmer Bajwa27Director of marketing technologysimmer_down_bajwaCompetiting
Tony Taylor34Medical device sales representativetonymtaylor (private)Competiting
Valerie Truong35DermatologistvalerietruongCompetiting
Zach Gordon29Med school and interior quality control manageriamzachgordonCompetiting
Zanab Jaffrey32RealtorzanabjaffreyCompetiting
Love Is Blind season 3 Contestent

Love is Blind USA 2020 Session 1

First Season Participants’ Details:

Sr. No.NameAgeSex
1.Kelly Chase33F
2Diamond Jack28F
3Giannina Gibelli25F
4Lauren Chamblin26F
5Jessica Batten34F
6Lauren Speed33F
7Amber Pike27F
8Aly Costa36F
9Kay Nicole30F
10Lexie Skipper26F
11Ebony Alexis30F
12Danielle Drouin30F
13Briana Holmes26F
14Lillie Mae29F
15Lillie Williams36F
16Kenny Barnes27M
17Carlton Morton34M
18Mark Anthony Cuevas24M
19Cameron Hamilton28M
20Damian Powers27M
21Matt Barnett27M
22Andy Rickert34M
23Westley Baer25M
24Ryan Martin34M
25Jon Smith38M
26Taylor Lupton31M
27Rory Newbrough28M
28Matt Thomas25M
29Milan Polk21M
30Taylor Lupton31M

Love is Blind USA 2022 Season 1 Judges

Donna A. Driscoll was the Judge for the First season of Love is blind. She is a well-experienced lady and has already done casting for the 3 best Shows.  She has been acting as a judge on the show since Season 1.

Love is Blind USA 2023 Auditions
Love is Blind USA 2023 Auditions

‘Love Is Blind’ Couples – Who’s Still Together In 2022

There are only two participants who actually got married. They are still living as husband and wife. Their names are Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton.

Love is Blind USA 2022 Season 2

Love is Blind USA 2022 Season 2 Contestants Details:

Sr. No.NameAgeSex
1Iyanna McNeely27F
2Jarrette Jones32M
3Danielle Ruhl29F
4Nick Thompson36M
5Natalie Lee29F
6Shayne Jansen32M
7Abhishek Chatterjee33M
8Deepti Vempati31F
9Salvador Perez31M
10Mallory Zapata32F
11Shaina Hurley32F
12Kyle Abrams29M
13Caitlin McKee31F
14James “Joey” Miller30M
15Jason Beaumont31M
16Kara Williams32F
17Aja Johnson28F
18Brandon McGhee36M
19Brian Ngo32M
20Chassidy Mickale34F
21Haseeb Hussain28M
22Hope Antoniello32F
23Jeremy Hartwell36M
24Juhie Faheem31F
25Julius Cacho39M
26Olivia Harris29F
27Rocky Smith30M
28Shea’na Grigsby36F
29Trisha Frame30F
30Vito Salamone33M

Love is Blind USA 2022:  Season 2 Who Are still together?

Only four participants out of 30 got actually married after ‘Love is Blind’ Season 2. Their names are below.

  1. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones
  2. Danielle Ruhl and Nick Thompson

Love is Blind USA: Dates of All Previous Seasons:

Sr. No.Season NamePlaceDate
1Season 1Atlanta13 February 2020
2Season 2Chicago11 February 2022
3Season 3Dallas26 February 2022
4Season 4  

Love is Blind USA 2023: Secret Tips for the Audition:

  1. Well-spoken person.
  2. Fair and genuine in behavior.
  3. Polite and ability to convey his/her feeling.
  4. Sincere and Serious.

Love is Blind USA 2023 Audition Process

The show goes for 10 days. All the participants are put in individual pods. From their pods, they can eat, drink and talk without seeing each other. They talked to each other and search for a suitable partner.

After finding a suitable partner, they make their proposal. At the end of 10 days show, the supposed couples are sent on a trip where they get a chance to share apartments. They are allowed to meet their families. And on finally, at the Altar of Marriage, the supposed couples actual finalize their marriage or not.

When Love is Blind USA Date will be Live?

Love is Blind returns for Season 4 on October 19th.

Final Opinion:

‘Love is Blind’ is life changing opportunity for those who are really and seriously looking for their life partner without knowing each other. A place where an individual gets a chance to meet his/her dreamed partner and make it reality. A Great show which will inspire millions of people around the globe and it could be turning points of developing such concept in their countries.

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How do I become a contestant on Love Is Blind?

To be a contestant in love is blind session 4, you only have to fill out an application on this website. All contestants must live in the city where the season is filming, so they can move in together following their experience in the pods and on the couples’ retreat

How do you apply for Love Is Blind season 4? can be an option here to apply for the Love is Blind session 4. if you think you’re up for the challenge of finding love in front of an audience of 220 million Netflix viewers, you can apply to be on future seasons of your favourite shows on NetflixReality. You’ll be asked to submit a 60-second video showing your best self – No ring light, no glam

How long is the Love Is Blind process?

It’s a lot, and it only happens in a matter of weeks. The entire season takes about 38 days to film. According to the show’s creator, Chris Coelen, contestants have only ten days to find their future partner in the pods. In the beginning, time spent during dates in the pods is strict, and only lasts about 15 minutes