Who Eliminated in First Episode The Challenge Ride or Dies ?

The Challenge Ride or Dies Elimination 2022

On October 12, 2022, at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, a brand-new episode of The Challenge: Ride or Dies aired. The episode showed the contestant pairs getting into the swing of things and giving it their all to gain crucial power early on in the game to ensure safety for the opening week. The pairs persevered through the challenge, but one pair was eliminated due to unexpected circumstances.

Sam and Kailah Bird were Eliminated in the First Episode of The Challenge Ride or Dies

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The first team from The Challenge: Ride or Dies to be eliminated was Sam and Kailah Bird. They competed in the elimination round against Tori Deal and Devin Walker, but those two put up an amazing fight and saved themselves for the season opener.

The Challenge Season 38 Premier

The Challenge Season 38 First Episode Recap

The first set of contestant pairs was introduced to the audience at the beginning of the season premiere. Some pairs were seasoned competitors who had previously competed in the event and even won, making them notable competitors in the Challenge series. Others were amateurs who increased the heat of the competition

There developed a love triangle involving Johnny M, Ravyn, and Nuys. Ravyn enjoyed Johnny, but he developed feelings for Nuys. Before the challenge, the other competitors decided to play it cool and put their best foot forward.

The contestant pairs had to work together to answer three questions about their partnership in the first challenge, “Bolas for Blood,” find the bolas with the right numbers painted on them in a big mud pit, and attach all the bolas to their station. They then needed to collect all of the bolas and get to the winning station.

It’s interesting to note that rookies Ravyn and Johnny from The Challenge: Ride or Dies prevailed. They had to decide which of the four pairs would participate in the elimination in addition to being given a week’s worth of protection. The host Jeff Probst made the decision to keep the selection of the next team a secret.

Sam and Kailah Bird, Kim Tranka and Colleen, Jakk Maddox and Laurel Stucky, and Tory Deal and Devin Walker were selected as the winning couple after much deliberation. Jack took the chance to reveal Colleen’s identity in an unexpected game move, hoping that it would protect him and Laurel.

New alliances were forming within The Challenge: Ride or Dies compound at the same time. Since they believed it was always the other way around, the rookies made the decision to oppose the veterans. In the end, Kailah and Sam were chosen by Ravyn and Johnny to face elimination.

They were introduced to Draw by Jeff Probst before the elimination challenge. The three final nominee teams had to decide which dagger would determine their fate. Jack and Laurel, Tori and Devin chose the blank dagger, and Kim and Colleen chose the “safe” dagger, ensuring their safety and giving them the ability to select a pair from the other two to oppose Kailah and Sam.

Jack is a rookie in The Challenge: Ride or Dies, and the newcomers admitted that they wanted to support the rookies by nominating Tori and Devin.

However, Tori and Devin’s veteran status ensured an easy victory, eliminating Kailah and Sam in the process.

Kaycee and Kenny Clark were unable to attend The Challenge: Ride or Dies because the former had COVID prior to the start of the series. They were replaced by two new pairs: Challenge veterans Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio and Nany Gonzalez, and newcomers Olivia Kaiser and Horacio Gutierrez.

To find out what else is in store for viewers, they will have to tune in to The Challenge: Ride or Dies on MTV on Wednesday, October 19, 2022, at 9:30 pm.

Who was eliminated in first episode of The Challenge s38 ?

They were Sam and Kailah Bird who were eliminated in the very first episode of The Challenge: Ride or Dies

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