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The Amazing Race Application 2024: A game in which the mind and body work together to solve questions and hurdles and make it to the finish line. The Amazing Race is a thrilling experience not just for the participants but also for the viewers. Here in this article, you will know everything about the Amazing Race Audition, the Application process, eligibility criteria and so on

Each team of two must participate in a series of obstacles, some mental and others physical. After having solved the tasks in one location, they will receive information for the next. As the race progresses, the teams that are the furthest behind will be eliminated, with the first team to arrive at the final location winning ‘The Amazing Race’ and the $1 million prize.

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History of The Amazing Race

The show was created by Elise Doganieri and Bertram van Munster, who even serve as executive producers on the show, alongside Jonathan Littman. Phil Keoghan, a veteran television personality, has presented the show since its beginning.

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Since 2001, the CSB show has been running as the original iteration of The Amazing Race franchise. Several international versions have been created based on the same core concept, and the American version is broadcast in a number of other countries.

The show has averaged around 10 million viewers per season since its inception and has been renewed for a 34th season in March 2022, with a release date planned for fall 2022.

The Winners of The Amazing Race

Rob Frisbee and Brennan SwainSeason 1
Chris Luca and Alex BoylanSeason 2
Flo Pesenti and Zach BehrSeason 3
Reichen Lehmkuhl and Chip ArndtSeason 4
Chip McAllister and Kim McAllisterSeason 5
Freddy Holliday and Kendra BentleySeason 6
Uchenna Agu and Joyce AguSeason 7
Nick Linz, Alex Linz, Megan Linz, and Tommy LinzSeason 8
BJ Averall and Tyler MacNivenSeason 9
Tyler Denk and James BranamanSeason 10
Eric Sanchez and Danielle TurnerSeason 11
TK Erwin and Rachel RosalesSeason 12
Nick Spangler and Emily “Starr” SpanglerSeason 13
Tamara “Tammy” Jih and Victor JihSeason 14
Meghan Rickey and Cheyne WhitneySeason 15
Dan Pious and Jordan PiousSeason 16
Nat Strand and Kat ChangSeason 17
Kisha Hoffman and Jen HoffmanSeason 18
Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy ChiangSeason 19
Rachel Brown and G. David Brown Jr.Season 20
Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent RidgeSeason 21
Jonathan “Bates” Battaglia and Anthony BattagliaSeason 22
Jason Case and Amy DiazSeason 23
David O’Leary and Connor O’ LearySeason 24
Amy DeJong and Maya WarrenSeason 25
Laura Pierson and Tyler AdamsSeason 26
Kelsey Gerckens and Joey ButtittaSeason 27
Dana Borriello and Matt SteffaninaSeason 28
Brooke Camhi and Scott FlanarySeason 29
Jessica Graf and Cody NicksonSeason 30
Colin Guinn and Christie Lee WoodsSeason 31
Will Jardell and James WallingtonSeason 32
Kim Holderness and Penn HoldernessSeason 33
Derek & ClaireSeason 34
The amazing race all-season winners

Eligibility Requirements for Amazing Race Audition 2023

To compete in the show you must have to fulfil Amazing Race Eligibility Requirements,

  • You must be a U.S. citizen with a valid passport
  • Also, have a driver’s licence
  • Age Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • For the states of Alabama and Nebraska, interested participants must be 19 years or older, and in Mississippi or D.C. they should be 21 years or older.

The participants must also be willing to take some time off from work to film ‘The Amazing Race.’ Some teams get selected and are able to make it through the entire season.

How to Apply for The Amazing Race Application 2024

Here is the step-by-step solution about how to apply for the Amazing Race audition 2023.

  • Go for the Amazing Race registration form on the CBS Amazing Race website.
  • Make an audition tape with your partner and submit
  • Follow the steps given in the image. this will work.
Amazing Race Canada casting call

Amazing Race Canada casting call & audition dates 2023

On the basis of applications & audition videos, the contestants will be selected for the next rounds.

The dates for auditions of the following round can vary from June 2023 to September 2023. If you’re selected for the next round of auditions for The Amazing race, you will be informed via email and it is crucial to monitor your inbox of emails.

If you didn’t receive a reply to your application during June and September 2023, it is a sign that your application has been denied for auditions further as because of the huge amount of applications, they’re unable to reach each applicant individually. Therefore, ensure that you do not make any errors when filling out the application form as no errors are allowed.

After the auditions, the process of casting and filming will begin in the mid-October-mid-November timeframe for about 25-30 days.

After these auditions, the next process of casting & filming will be started in mid-October to mid-November for approximately 25-30 days.


The Amazing Race audition is an incredible opportunity for thrill seekers and travel and solving enthusiasts. Even for viewers, it is a way to learn and seek pleasure in watching such enthusiastic performances.

Can I apply multiple times this season with many teammates?

You can apply for it. But we suggest choosing the person who will make the most interesting and fascinating coworker. The show is about relationships and an international race Therefore, your teammate should be someone you love and not just your coworker who is three months old.

Where can I watch The Amazing Race America season 36?

You can watch the show on CBS, however, official OTT partners have not been revealed yet.

When The Amazing Race 2024 will start?

The show can be watched on CBS However, the official OTT partners haven’t been released yet.

What is the prize money for The Amazing Race America?

The winners will be awarded a major prize of $1 million.

How much do contestants on Amazing Race Canada get paid?

Ans: Initially teams only receive an amount of money to cover their expenses, as well as other essentials as well and the winner, gets one million dollars

Is there a fee to compete in the US Amazing Race?

Ans The production division provides each team money for transportation, travel as well as food and lodging. It is not something that team members have to pay for out of their individual pockets.

What is the duration of Amazing Race US?

Ans In real life an entire series could take between 21 and 30 days to complete. If you’re a winner and you go into the semi-finals you’ll have a month. If you fail to qualify during the course of your competition, it could take less time.

Is The Amazing Race US coming back in 2024?

Ans Yes The Official Announcement is out. Visit the Official Website to sign up for The Amazing Race Canada Application form 2023.

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