SCD Voting 2022: Vote your favorites in Stricly Come Dancing

The Most awaited celebrity reality show, Strictly Come Dancing is back for its 20th season & voting has begun for all episodes during the show, If you are wondering about how to vote for SCD 2022, here we have explained in detail the process of SCD Voting season 20.

How does Strictly Come Dancing voting work?

On shows where the judges’ scores are added to the viewers’, a leaderboard will be shown with the couples ranked from highest to lowest based on their combined score. The quantity of points awarded to the pair with the highest ranking depends on the total number of couples.

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When there are only six couples left in the competition, the judges will award six points to the couple with the highest cumulative score, five points to the couple in second, and so on.

In the event that multiple couples have the same rank (that is, they received the same total score from the judges), all of the couples in that rank will receive the same number of points, and the next lowest-scoring pair will receive a number of points equal to the previous rank minus one.

So, among the final six couples, three pairs are tied for second place. Five points will be awarded to those three pairs. The couple in fifth place will receive 4 points, while the last place couple will receive 3 points.

After the polls shut, the results of the public vote are verified independently, and a ranking of the couples is generated using points assigned to each pair in the same way that the judges’ scores are. If two things are equally unlikely to be separated, they are considered a tie. After combining the judges’ scores with the votes from the audience, a new overall standing is determined.

How to Vote for your Favorite Dance on SCD 2022?

SCD Voting is done during the live show where the audience can vote for their favorite dance couple. The Voting Process is quite easy & consists of a few easy steps. There are multiple methods of voting your favorite SCD couple. The voting lines (both online and over the phone) will be available at the same time. To find out how much it will cost to use data services, please consult your broadband or mobile contract.

SCD Voting 1st Method : Vote using Mobile AppVote Online through the Official Website of Strictly Come Dancing Voting

This voting mode is for those who are comfortable with their Smartphones & Computers to vote online. This method required creating an account over the BBC Strictly Voting page.

You must be logged in to your BBC account before casting a vote. Fans who voted online last year should be able to cast their ballots again this year as long as they use the same device. If this is your first time voting online, you’ll need to sign up for a BBC account, and if you already have an account but haven’t visited the BBC in a while, you may be prompted to sign in again before casting your vote.

British viewers (including those in the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man) can cast their votes online at this URL. In order to cast an online vote, viewers must first log into their BBC accounts at

SCD Voting 2nd Method: Telephone Voting for SCD

British citizens can either dial the long (11-digit) number for the couple or candidates of their choice from a landline telephone, or they can dial the shorter (7-digit) number from a mobile phone.

Because the short (7-digit) numbers are not available in the Channel Islands, the production asks that customers from those locations contact from a landline using the long (11-digit) number to avoid increased mobile charges.

If you have a landline phone, do not try to vote by dialing a 7-digit short number.

During the live broadcasts, viewers will be given the voting codes needed to select their favorite couples.

Striclty Come Dancing Voting

Voting lines open and close at the times listed on the schedule. Votes received before or after the polls have closed will not be processed. Voting timings are subject to change.

SCD Voting 3rd method : Vote through QR Code

You can vote on the BBC’s website at, or you can scan our updated QR code below to get straight to the voting page. The QR code and other voting information will be shown on the screen during the program. The QR code can be read by any mobile device, computer, or tablet.

Open your camera and hold it a few inches over the QR code for a few seconds when it appears on the screen during the show. Follow this link and you should arrive at the Strictly voting page immediately. Those who are unable to use the provided code will still be able to participate in the online voting by going to the BBC website and clicking on the “Strictly Come Dancing” link.

When the vote opens, head to the Strictly homepage. Where to vote online

Eligibility Criteria & Requirements for Strictly Come Dancing Voting 2022

  • If you are 18 years or older, you would be asked for your postcode, and if you are under 18, you have to share your hometown.
  • If you previously used to sign in with a username, you’ll need to use your email address from now on if you are over 13.
  • If you previously signed in with Facebook or Google+, unfortunately, do not use these platforms to sign in anymore.
  • If you haven’t signed in to your account in the last year, then it may have been closed unless you have signed in with an email address. If that’s the case, you will need to register for a BBC account again.

Strictly Come Dancing Contestants 2022


How do I vote for Strictly come dancing online?

You can only vote if you are logged into your BBC account, which you can do by clicking here. One must first register for a BBC account if they do not already have one.
Once you’ve signed up for a BBC account, you’re good to go. We recommend logging into your BBC account in advance of the polls opening.
An announcement will be made during the live broadcast to let viewers know when voting has begun. When that time comes, you can use this page to cast your vote electronically.

What is the Helpline number for SCD voting 2022 ?

0370 010 0222

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