Overwatch 2: New Tank Hero Junker Queen announced 

Overwatch 2: New Tank Hero Junker Queen announced 

Overwatch 2 will be adding the brand fresh Tank character, called the Junker Queen in the lineup.

In today’s Xbox and Bethesda show as announced in today’s showcase, the Junker Queen was the next hero to be announced to play in Overwatch 2 after Sojourn.

The character was mentioned in the first Overwatch game, but was never given an appearance on screen in the game.

The complete look of the character as well as her outfit will be revealed in the near future, however, a glimpse of the gameplay of the character was shown included in the Overwatch 2 release date trailer.

The series’ fans are familiar with Junker Queen from the series. Junker Queen from Junkrat’s animated short film, where she appeared briefly on a poster for Junkertown.

Another announcement made during today’s Xbox as well as Bethesda showcase was the official release date of Overwatch 2’s PvP component to be released on consoles and PCs on October 4.

Overwatch 2 is switching to an open-to-play model.

The details of what free-to-play will mean particularly in the context of Overwatch 2 will also be explained on the 16th of June Reveal Event So, stay tuned to IGN to get the latest information on Overwatch 2 then.