Season 4 finale of Mayans MC saw EZ Reyez live long to see himself become the villain.

The finale saw Reyez transform into a power-hungry club member, similar to Bishop in the last season.

Tig and Alvarez discuss next steps in the ongoing Sons vs. Mayans battle. Tig tells Alvarez that the war’s onset had nothing to do with the Mayans encroaching on the Sons’ turf. Instead, it started when “some chick” came to the Sons with Montez’s kutte. For which Alvarez insists that he knows nothing about the Montez situation.

From this scene it is believed that is there will be a Montez catalyst coming up, it won’t be until a hypothetical Season 5.

The men gather later at their meeting table shortly after EZ and Sofia were attacked by a few Sons during a motorcycle ride. Alvarez says that SAMCRO president Chibs and Sons have agreed to a ceasefire but not a complete surrender.

EZ is frustrated with Alvarez. He urges the latter to lock down the business relationship with Soledad which Alvarez refuses. Prompting EZ to take up the role of President and oust Alvarez.

During Santo Padre’s meeting, EZ blindsides Alvarez with that kill switch clause from the club’s old bylaws, allowing for a president to be unseated if he is voted out unanimously. The brothers choose war over Alvarez which prompts the latter to walk out saying that “I’m happy I won’t be here to see it burn.”

The episode’s biggest twist is seen when Bishop is made the VP of Santo Padre rather than the President by EZ. This is followed by the latter giving a “cult-leader” like speech. The initial shock of the people soon turned to support with them pounding on the tables.

Angel levels with her brother, telling EZ that he’s been unrecognizable since killing Gaby. EZ’s response to the same makes Gaby believe that it was a threat/

The episode ends with the warehouse where Soledad’s heroin supply is stashed and being burned down. The arsonist’s identity is not known.