Meet The Love at First Lie Cast 2022 & updates on Love at First Lie Elimination

Love at First Lie Cast: Love at First Lie is MTV’s brand-new reality TV show. This show was created by MTV Entertainment Studios and Lime Pictures. The First season of LFL 2022 show is live now. There are plenty of things available that you must know about the new series.  

First, Let’s discover the “Love at First Lie cast” of season 1. As we know that MTV experimented with its programming and introduced a fresh concept that provides a little of an intriguing surprise about this show.

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The participants and spectators of the show will try to determine which couples are actually dating and which ones are just acting like they are.

As per the trailer release by the show, the Viewers may experience a fascinating and energising voyage with this programme.

Love at First Lie Host Name for Season 1?

Tori Spelling is Love at First Lie Host for season 1. This show has 12 Episodes which will be live from 19th Oct 2022 to 9th Nov 2022. Tori Spelling is hosting a brand new show this year. Her full name is Victoria Davey Spelling and she is an American actress and author.

Tori Spelling, Host of Love at first Lie. Love at First Lie Cast

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Love at First Lie Cast couple

Love at First Lie season 1 has 16 contestants where they form 8 couple to play in the brand new MTV TV reality show Love at First Lie 2022 season 1.

Meet all 16 Love at First Lie contestants who are participating in Love at first lie so far :

Love at First Lie Cast couple List

Sr No.CastProfileStatus
1Riani & Chantz InstagramEliminated
2Monica & JoshInstagramin Show
3Jake & AlfieInstagramin Show
4Karla & BrianInstagramin Show
5Annabell and JoeyInstagramin Show
6Stephanie & ArabellaInstagramin Show
7Cecy & ReaseyInstagramin Show
8Yuriy & AliciaInstagramin Show
Love at First Lie Cast 2022

#1 Riani & Chantz

Riani and Chantz ware participating in love at first lie season 1. Where after voting this couple get eliminated. This is first couple who has eliminated in season 1.

#2 Monica & Josh

Meet monica and Josh, The 2nd Couple contestants in love at firs Lie season 1.

#3 Jake & Alfie

Jake & Alfie are the 3rd couple in MTV’s Brand New Show Love at first Lie cast. Meet this couple now

#4 Karla & Brian

Meet Karla & Brian, who is competing now as love at first lie cast 2022.

#5 Annabell and Joey

Meet Annabell and Joey a top-rated cast in Love at first lie

#6 Stephanie & Arabella

Meet Stephanie & Arabella, casting in MTV Reality show LAFL 2022 Cast

#7 Cecy & Reasey

Cecy & Reasey are participating LAFL 2022 season 1. meet the couple now.

#8 Yuriy & Alicia

Meet Yuriy & Alicia, Who are the 8th couple in Love at First Lie (LAFL 2022) Season 1.

Love at First Sight Elimination updates

In the first episode of Love at First Lie (LAFL 2022), Chantz and Riani were the first couples to be eliminated. Yuriy and Alicia, Jake and Alfie, Monica and Josh, and Annabell & Joe each cast four votes for the pair to be eliminated.

Unexpectedly, no one was evicted during the second episode of the love at first lie eliminations. Eventually, Tori Spelling revealed a new couple who would be featured in the third episode. Let’s wait for the latest information on the next elimination.

Who is eliminated in Love at First til now?

Couple Riani & Chantz have been evicted against 4 votes in the first episode of Love at First Lie (LAFL 2022 Season)

Who is hosting Love at First Lie 2022 season 1

Tori Spelling is Love at First Lie Host for season 1. She is an American Actress and model

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