Generation Gap Show 2022, ABC Launches new Game TV Show

What is Generation Gap Show 2022

Generation Gap is a brand-new game show that Jimmy Kimmel, a well-known TV personality, is bringing to ABC. Only on ABC, the game show premiered on Thursday, July 7, 2022, at 9.00 PM ET. if you want to take the Generation Gap Audition for 2023, You can apply for the Generation Gap Audition

Plot/format of ‘Generation Gap Show

A comedy game show called “Generation Gap Show” sets two teams against one another, with one teen or preteen and one senior on each side. For instance, the first episode pits a young boy and his great aunt, who is 70 years old, against a young boy and his 75-year-old grandma.

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Generation Gap Show
Generation Gap Show 2022

The emcee conversely asks the older contestants questions on things the younger contestants would know. If the contestant correctly answers, money is paid into their bank; if not, one of the competitors from a previous generation may call in and receive half the prize money for a correct answer.

Generation Gap Show web Story

Pop culture trivia, music round, and a “mystery guest” round are all included. During the mystery guest round, the mystery guest reveals themselves by answering questions about what they do leading to a “guess who am I” round.

In a subsequent round, each competitor must explain a thing that someone from a different generation would be familiar with without mentioning any of the terms that make up the name. The teams then compete in a “Same Name Game” lightning round in which two players with the same name are displayed.

The winning team keeps its bank, but then something else unexpected happens: An even younger member of the family gets to select the top reward in “Toddler’s Choice”: A vehicle or something unquestionably kid-friendly.

Who is the Generation Gap Show host?

The host of the Generation Gap game show is popular television personality Kelly Ripa. She stated why she made her choice, saying: “This joke from Jimmy Kimmel’s programme was fantastic. I’ve always thought it’s hilarious and endearing that I identify as a member of the sandwich generation.”

The seasoned TV actor is best known for her roles as Faith Fairfield on “Hope & Faith” and Hayley Vaughan on the ABC soap series “All My Children.”

For a long time, Kelly co-hosted the morning talk show Live! with Kelly and Ryan. Along with her husband Mark Consuelos, the honoree actress also co-owns a production business named Milojo.

Inspiration for ‘Generation Gap Show’

The concept of the new TV game show Generation Gap is one that you may be familiar with from Jimmy Kimmel’s Jimmy Kimmel Live segments, were the elderly and children attempt (and largely fail) to answer questions about the other generation. This series, of which Kimmel is one of the executive producers, took three years to get from being picked up by a network to actually airing, which is a lengthy period even without taking the pandemic into account.

The Generation Gap, an ABC game show from 1969, is effectively being revived by Mark Burnett, Jimmy Kimmel, Ripa, and Mark Consuelos.

Generation Gap Show First episode review

It might be a tonne of fun to watch Generation Gap Show. We don’t mind if the contestants don’t know the answers to questions about the popular culture of earlier generations and the items we use or once used on a daily basis.

Being that it’s a comedy game show, the main aim of the show is essentially watching a young person struggling to understand something that adults and elders take for granted.

It’s interesting when someone correctly guesses or learns something about the other generation, but the show would get monotonous if the cross-generational responses were consistently correct.

Additionally, the “save” option, which permits a buzz-in for half the amount, gives the game a chance to be more than just a zero-zero contest for multiple rounds.

Generation Gap First Episode Review

Generation Gap Show Episode

Generation Gap Show FAQ

What is the real meaning of generation gap?

A generation gap refers to the chasm between the beliefs and actions belonging to people of two distinct generations. In particular the term “generation gap” is a term used to describe the different way of thinking, behaviour and preferences of those of younger generations as opposed to older generations.

What is Generation Gap TV Game Show?

According to, Kelly Ripa hosts the new comedy quiz game show produced by Emmy(r) Producers who have won awards Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Burnett. “Generation Gap” pairs teams comprising juniors and seniors and challenges them to respond to questions on pop culture and pop culture and culture from the other generation. “Generation Gap” is produced by MGM Television, Kimmelot and Milojo. Mark Burnett, Jimmy Kimmel, Barry Poznick, Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, Albert Bianchini, Alycia Rossiter and Jonathan Kimmel will serve as executive producers.

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