How Apply Now for Canadian Music Competition 2022! Explained

The Canadian Music Competition (CMC): CMC is one of the biggest comedian music competition in canada. It is a national music competition for new edge young Canadian musicians. CMC was founded in Montreal in late 1958. Canadian Music Competition  is Canada’s largest and most prestigious annual music competition.

Every year more than 500+ young and energetic  music lover musician from across the country compete at the CMC. The competition is open to musicians of all ages and levels, from beginners to professionals.

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Canadian music competition 2022

The CMC is devoted to encouraging and growing the abilities of younger Canadian musicians. The Competition gives coins prizes, scholarships, and overall performance possibilities to its winners. It additionally affords an possibility for younger musicians to carry out in the front of a number of Canada`s main track educators and performers.

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CMC Registration Date

Registrations for CMC 2023 is invited and its going to be completed in between October 18 and November 22, 2022. The contributors can check in for a couple of component – Competition and Stepping Stone.

Participants can show their talents and compete for the following:

With keyboard percussion, Candidates need to show their Voice, violin, double bass, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, French horn, viola, piano, flute, cello, trumpet, harp, harpsichord, trombone, tuba, guitar, recorder, and.

Eligibility for CMC (Who Can apply)

  • Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada are eligible for participation in CMC.
  • AGE: The age limit is 16 to 28 years (except for the voice, which is 31 years) as of January 1, 2022

Registration Fees for Canadian Music Competition

  • Registration Fees: $100.
  • Participation Fees: $200. To be paid upon admission to the official competition of Stepping Stone.
  • Suggested Donation: $200
  • Repertoire modification fee: $30
  • Cancellation fee: $50

Documents To Be Submitted for CMC

  • Repertoire: For the Preselection, the First round, the Semi-final, and the Final round. The repertoire for the preselection round needs to be submitted through a form during registration.
  • Preselection music score scan.
  • A Passport size photograph
  • Age Proof:
  1. Birth certificate,
  2. driver’s license,
  3. passport,
  4. health insurance card,
  5. citizenship certificate, and
  6. permanent resident card.
  • Proof of Canadian citizenship or Canadian permanent residency.
REGULATIONS - Canadian International Music Competition

Biography: It should be of a maximum of 250 words, and should include the educational background, performances, professional experience, awards, etc.

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Documents need to be submitted via Accepted upon registration.

Preselection and Competition process


•The jury selects 30 performers from amongst all contributors withinside the preselection process, which takes vicinity in numerous towns throughout Canada earlier than a panel of 5 adjudicators. Selected people are knowledgeable round mid-May approximately the result. The jury’s selection is very last and can’t be appealed.

•The candidate ought to be capable of play the whole submitted repertoire, simply as in a expert audition. The jury can pick precise sections totaling about 15 minutes.

•For the preselection process, applicants audition withinside the Chapter closest to their residential location.

•During the Preselection, applicants aren’t approved to film, video, or take snap shots in their performance. The Preselection auditions are closed to the public, and jury members’ feedback aren’t disclosed to contestants.

Stepping Stone:

There are 3 rounds in Stepping Stone:

  • First Round: Up to 30 candidates are selected.
  • Semi-final Round: 12 candidates
  • Final Round: 6 candidates

Preselection’s will take area among March 23 to May 31, 2022, Stepping Stone from June three to 10, 2022, and the Gala Concert on July 4th, 2022.

After crowning glory of every of the Stepping Stone events (First round, Semi-final, and Final), adjudicators offer feedback to candidates, and they will talk with the jury after the effects are introduced in the event that they have now no longer been selected for the subsequent round.

For people who maintain to the subsequent stage, no touch with the jury is permitted. As a result, jurors will handiest provide feedback to finalists and can meet with them at the belief of the process.

Repertoire Guidelines

Participants should satisfy the repertoire necessities for his or her age organization and instrument.

• Candidates aren’t allowed to sign in repertoire that has formerly been completed withinside the Competition, except for non-aggressive material. Candidates registered at age ranges 19 and above are authorised to sign in repertoire completed as a minimum 3 years ago (2019 or earlier than).

• Every overall performance ought to be distinctive in every spherical of the Stepping Stone.

• The time restrict ought to now no longer be exceeded, otherwise, the judges can reduce off the overall performance at any time.

• For the Preselection spherical– The most time restrict of repertoire is forty five mins, aleven though the applicants are heard for 15 mins. For Stepping Stone, the repertoire time restrict Is forty mins for the First Round, and 60 mins for the Semi-Final spherical. There isn’t anyt any time restrict for the Final spherical.

• Memorization: Except for positive sonatas, each piece at the software should be memorized in the course of the Preselection, First spherical, and Semi-Final. For the Final Round, memorization is obligatory.

• It is obligatory to carry out a Canadian paintings withinside the Semi-very last spherical. • Modification to the repertoire may be finished for Preselections earlier than January 27, 2022. Those decided on for Stepping Stone can adjust their repertoire earlier than the date introduced via way of means of the CMC.

Copy of Scores

• At the time of registration, a virtual replica of every rating desires to be submitted via the candidate’s Accepted account.

• Bar numbers ought to be written at the start of every line


All the boarding and lodging expenses are to be borne by the participant.

Canadian song contest – Those who are interested in singing can participate in the Canadian Music Contest 2022 of Canada. which is going to start very soon.

Canadian music contest – Those who are interested in Musics can participate in the Canadian Music Contest 2022 of Canada. which is going to start very soon.


Candidate can cancel the participation any time here is the refrence to cancel the participation Go to official website National Office at the earliest.

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