The Best 20 Reality Shows In USA of All Time

20 Reality Shows In USA: After a long day at work, when it is time to rewind and recuperate, the fights, drama, glitterati, and life on the TV screen are often what relaxes us. Over the years, the television industry has produced a plethora of reality shows, ones that will never leave you bored.

According to psychologists, one reason why reality shows are popular in the US is because of the viewers’ desire to be a part of a specific group. Furthermore, reality television helps viewers fantasise about achieving fame through media exposure. Today, reality television has become an important component of popular culture, providing hours of entertainment to millions of Americans.

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While there is no shortage of reality shows prevalent and popular today, here is a list of the top 20 reality shows in the US.

List Of Top 10 Reality Show In US

The Kardashians

Entertaining audiences since forever, the Kardarshians have become a staple name in the reality television industry. Their extravagant life was first shown on screen in the American reality television series ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’, which ran for 20 seasons from the year 2007 to 2021 with over 280 episodes.

Finding a new network in 2022, a new version of the show ‘The Kardashians’ was introduced. The show focuses on the Kardashian-Jenner family and the happenings in their lives. From all the fun jamboree to the unhappy moments, the show captures their lives day-in and out.

The Kardashians Reality Show in USA

Thus, they allow the audience to get a closer glimpse into their lives and form a deeper bond with them. While the Reality show is a paradise for fun entertainment, it has also given rise to numerous memes, which in turn help it stay relevant in today’s climate.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

On-screen since 2009, the show has over 191 episodes of the search for ‘America’s next drag superstar.’ With the presence of RuPaul as the host, mentor, main judge, and inspiration, the show soared to new heights and led to the introduction of several sister shows as well.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Reality Show in USA

Such as RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars, where the past contestants compete to immortalise themselves in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.

The show stands out with its extravagant and fashionable looks, style, and overall design; and tries to celebrate individuality and uniqueness over the competition!

Catfish: The TV Show

A Reality shows that holds online scammers accountable, Catfish, has been on screen since 2010. The series was developed with the aim of helping victims track down their catfishers. The show further delves into the mystery and intricacies of online dating, taking the viewer on an intimate journey into the lives of young people as their online expectations suffer from offline reality.

Catfish: The TV Show : Best Reality Show in USA

Whether they are exposing international con-artists or exposing decade-long liars, the show captures the modern reality of fraud and how to deal with it.

Bachelor Franchise

With an ever-growing franchise, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor in Paradise have immortalised themselves as one of the most impressive and popular reality TV Reality shows in the US.

The Bachelor (American TV series)  Reality Show in Usa

It is an American romance and relationship multimedia franchise that began back in 2002 with the reality television series The Bachelor and has since then continued to expand into numerous spin-off television shows. Reality shows have continued to bring in huge amounts of revenue and attract audiences for their antics and hopeful character development.

The Real Housewives Franchise

Is it even a list of popular TV reality shows if the ‘Real Housewife Franchise is not mentioned?’ The show is a testimony to how drama equals money. The show has probably inspired the greatest number of memes and gifs, and it will undoubtedly be represented on social media for decades to come. You name a city, we’ll name a real housewife franchise.

The Real Housewives is an American reality franchise with 11 seasons in the United States and 21 in other countries. The majority of the series follows the lives of a group of wealthy ladies, going through happiness and sorrow in the cities. It has often been dubbed a “docu-soap” due to its nature.

Queer Eye

A show of international fame and caliber, Queer Eye has continued to deliver a sense of style, confidence, and friendliness worldwide. Each episode has the “Fab Five”- Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Karamo Brown, Bobby Berek, and Jonathan Van Ness; spending a week using their skills to help someone- the episode’s “hero” to improve their lifestyle and attain further happiness.

The award-winning show is noted for its excellent representation of the LGBT community as well as the community of colour. It boasts an equal and respectful portrayal.

America’s Next Top Model

Well, where do we begin? When America’s Next Top Model first aired, it quickly became a reality TV mainstay. While the series is not without its own share of controversy, it continued to grow for years, forming a strong fanbase.

A reality television show and interactive competition, a group of aspiring models compete amongst each other for the coveted title and the opportunity to begin a modelling career. The series’ inception can be traced back to 2003, created by Tyra Banks. It ran semi-annually until 2012, then annually starting in 2013.

Say Yes to the Dress

Say Yes to the Dress is a TLC reality show in the US that chronicles the activities of Kleinfeld Bridal in Manhattan. The series follows the progress of individual sales associates, managers, and fitters at the store, as well as brides looking for their perfect wedding dress.

Overwhelming advice from friends and family, the “ideal dress” that can aid a bride overcome personal difficulties, struggles with body image, and staying well under budget are some of the common themes that make the show what it is.

The Great British Bake Off

Who doesn’t love baking and good British humour? With over 114 episodes, the show debuted in 2010 and is still running.

The Great British Bake Off is a British television baking competition in which a group of amateur bakers compete against one another in a series of rounds to impress a panel of judges with their baking skills. In each round, one participant is eliminated, and the winner is chosen from those who make it to the final.

The Circle

The Circle on Netflix is a social media game show in which contestants compete to be the most popular on social media. With three seasons already available, the show has been renewed for a fourth. It is based on the British series of the same name. The show, however, does not require the candidates to portray themselves as they are, allowing them to use catfish and lies as their tools to victory.

90 Day Fiance

This TLC hit is focused on couples who have 90 days to marry after obtaining a K-1 visa, which is accessible to foreign fiances of American citizens. The ninth season has only recently begun, yet the series has already spawned a slew of spin-offs.

The K-1 Visa is intended to provide the couple enough time to make plans and have a wedding ceremony. As part of the visa application procedure, each couple must sign paperwork indicating their intention to marry. The beneficiary must leave the country if the pair does not get married within 90 days. Language barriers, cultural shock, the stigma of being labelled a “mail-order” significant other, and scepticism from friends and family may all be obstacles for the couple.


In the year 2000, CBS decided to cast 16 strangers onto an island, force them to fend for themselves, vote each other out, and film the whole thing. It became a huge hit on television. Survivor has initiated the fuel for competition, self-sustenance, and victory.

The victor of the show being awarded with a million dollars was seen as an incredible sum of money for which all contestants needed to do was survive on an island with their intelligence and skills. After almost two decades, the show is continuing to grow, having reinvented itself several times.

What Would You Do?

This long-running hidden camera series puts actors in illegal or unlawful settings and then waits for bystanders’ reactions. It touches upon issues that modern society suffers from. The show sets up situations that beg for bystander intervention. The show often outrages the audiences with the spectator’s moral bankruptcy while empowering us with the astounding kindness shown by others.

Big Brother

A show of immense success with over 62 franchises globally, Big Brother has etched for itself a name on the reality show wall of fame. During the three-month stay, the contestants, or houseguests, are grouped together in a house with no access to the outside world and are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each week, one houseguest is voted out by their roommates, with the ultimate winner receiving a prize of $500,00-$750,000.

The contestants go through a rollercoaster of emotions, whether it is happiness, sadness, or anger. The show allows audiences to gain insight into average strangers living together and interacting with each other.

The Voice

The show that runs solely by judging a voice and not a face. The Voice has been one of the most prominent singing reality shows to ever grace the television industry.

The show is about several unknown artists competing for a chance to win a record deal with Universal Music Group and a $100,000 cash prize. In their journey towards victory, some of the biggest names in the music industry guide the participants to the end. Currently, the judging panel boasts the melodious voices of Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Ariana Grande, and Blake Shelton.

American Idol

If you are a fan of music, light-hearted fun, and dedicated individuals achieving their dreams, then American Idol is the right show for you! The competitor’s performances are judged by a panel of judges, wherein the contestants continue to be eliminated, and where the winner is chosen amongst the 3 best contestants!

The show first aired on Fox for fifteen seasons from 2002 to 2016, after which it was renewed two years later on ABC.

Shark Tank

If you are a fan of ingenuity and incredible inventions, Shark Tank is a paradise! The show gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their inventions to the “sharks”, or investors. The show was first introduced on ABC in 2009, and aired for 12 seasons.

Ultimately, ambitious business people offer their game-changing ideas to grow their industries and dreams to greater heights.

The Amazing Race

Thrill and adventure are synonymous with The Amazing Race reality television show in which 11 or 12 teams of two races around the world try to decipher clues, navigate through new environments, communicate with locals, and complete physical and mental tasks to not be eliminated and win the 1 million dollar cash prize.

Billy On The Street

With the help of celebrities, comedian Billy Eichner takes to the streets of New York City and asks people questions they do not want to answer, generally pop culture questions. Frequently featured quizzes include “For a Dollar” and “Quizzed in the Face.” With the sudden outpouring of questions, Billy’s quick witted humour and the nervousness of the clueless participants, this show is a hilarious must watch!

The Got Talent Franchise

Of all the reality shows in the US, America’s Got Talent, a part of the Got Talent Franchise, takes the mantle of being one of the most popular and entertaining reality shows.

It brings forth a huge array of talent, providing a stage for the participants to showcase their skills while the judging panel determines whether the talent is worthy of a huge cash prize and the opportunity to headline one’s own show!

Ultimately, the genre has continued to grow into a gigantic broadcast carnival of competition in Reality shows, survivalism, and celebrity-adjacent antics, which is growing massively to this day. At this moment, reality television is apparent, and its effect is genuinely global.

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