Tom Cruise is a renowned actor who is still going strong in his fifties. Tom Cruise is a Hollywood heavyweight who has worked in film production and has starred in blockbusters like Top Gun and ‘Mission Impossible’.

Tom Cruise manages to keep above the fray and avoids addressing any rumours, despite the fact that he has been the focus of controversy throughout the years. The story behind Tom Cruise’s recognisable smile is one tale that can be verified. Tom Cruise’s front teeth looked very different from how they do now compared to when he first started performing in movies, and many professionals believe that he has undergone extensive dental work.

Tom Cruise’s battle with terrible teeth

Tom Cruise’s smile is one of his defining features. He didn’t have that charming smile from birth, though. The 58-year-old is still one of the hottest stars more than three decades into his career, and it’s all down to his superb acting abilities and attractive appearance. Fans can’t help but notice that Tom Cruise’s 100-watt grin has one tooth that is slightly out of place, despite how fantastic he is as an actor. Tom Cruise’s front tooth, also referred to as the “Tom Cruise middle tooth,” has drawn the attention of many of his admirers.

Tom Cruise’s teeth were noticeably yellow and Tom Cruise’s teeth line were out of alignment in his early film roles. When he played Steve Randle in the 1983 film The Outsiders, Tom Cruise’s tooth was widely known. A young Cruise consented to have the cap taken off a front tooth that had previously been chipped as a consequence of an injury while playing hockey in order to enhance his part as Steve.

Tom Cruise probably realised that his teeth weren’t quite “movie-star worthy” after he started receiving work in major movies, like Top Gun, and started the time-consuming, expensive procedure to fix them.

How Tom Cruise didn’t let his teeth affect his career

Tom Cruise’s teeth took on a direction and path similar to his career, rising into fame and perfection. Tom Cruise has undoubtedly worked hard to earn the smile he is wearing today. The renowned actor in Hollywood received braces in 2001 to correct alignment and overbite issues. At the 2002 “Minority Report” premiere, he proudly displayed them as he walked the red carpet.

Some dental professionals claim that Tom Cruise used braces before anything else to try and correct his grin. He reportedly had veneers placed on his teeth around the same time to lessen the yellow hue of a few of them. Tom Cruise probably spent years looking for the ideal dental treatment, even attending red carpet events in the early 2000s while sporting braces that could be seen.

According to Dr. Asif, an orthodontics expert, The dental midline, which marks the halfway point between Tom Cruise’s two central upper teeth, did not coincide with the midline of his face, giving the actor the appearance of having just one prominent front tooth.

Time-line of Tom Cruise’s teeth transformation


The Edge of Tomorrow actor, who was only 20 years old at the time, actually began his career with a set of teeth that were severely stained and extremely out of alignment. ‘Heightline’ claims that Tom Cruise originally resolved this problem by having his teeth whitened. It also gives claims about Tom Cruise teeth center aligned.

June 2002

Tom Cruise didn’t want to bring attention to his face while working on his teeth in 2001 because he has one of the most recognisable smiles in the world. Fortunately, he could choose ceramic bracketed invisible braces. But, Tom Cruise with braces still had the same charm as before.

Tom Cruise soon returned to his usual smile and went about his business!

May 2010

Tom Cruise displayed a stunning set of white chompers during the Jerry Bruckheimer Hand and Footprint Ceremony. 25 years after playing in “The Outsiders,” he attended the Hollywood event in 2010, and everyone was astounded by the improvement in his teeth.

June 2012

The seasoned Hollywood actor flaunted a fresh haircut and his recognizable grin at the “Rock of Ages” premiere in 2012. The asymmetry in his smile is clearly visible in the cupid’s bow on his lower lip. Since his career began at the age of 19, Tom Cruise hasn’t stopped gracing the big screen and securing legendary roles.

December 2012

Tom Cruise went to a 2012 charity screening of the movie Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, in which he had a leading role. He travelled to Knoxville to show his support for “Variety — The Children’s Charity of Eastern Tennessee,” and he was beaming broadly while walking the red carpet. Apart from Tom Cruise’s center tooth, some admirers also observed that his left incisor appeared to be larger than his right one.

June 2017

Tom Cruise flashed a smile when being interviewed at a “The Mummy” fan gathering in New York City, showing off his gleaming teeth. His right incisor aligns with his nose, as can be seen by looking at him closely. Tom Cruise’s smile has improved significantly since he played the role of Steve Randle, notwithstanding this minor flaw.

July 2019

Tom Cruise has never been open about what he had done, but many dentists believe that in addition to Tom Cruise’s braces, he underwent whitening procedures and porcelain veneers.

Did Tom Cruise really go through a major dental work?

A meme highlighting how Tom Cruise appears to have a single tooth that perfectly aligns with the middle of his face has been going around the internet for years. Far from being a cruel joke, Tom Cruise still has crooked teeth, but they are much whiter and glossier than Tom Cruise’s teeth before.

Some specialists speculate that Tom Cruise may have undergone severe upper jaw surgery that caused his upper teeth to move significantly.

All of the rumours about potential dental procedures Tom Cruise may have undergone are merely rumours because he has never publicly spoken out about his dental work. However, since before and after photos don’t really lie, it seems indisputable that he has had something done to his teeth. Tom Cruise is still a major celebrity today, and nothing seems to get in the way of his effortlessly cool demeanour. Tom Cruise has never lacked confidence despite having a tooth flaw.

Tom Cruise’s key to irresistible smile: Confidence

A few years into his career, in 1985, Tom Cruise explained why he was content to embrace his newfound image as a sex symbol. He didn’t care, so he told “Entertainment Tonight” about it. He didn’t dislike it or like it. He was not tormented at night. Actor Jerry Maguire believes that if people have that kind of affection for him, it shows that they are satisfied with his work and will remember him for it. His success is a result of his capacity to accept how others see his appearance and looks.

Tom Cruise has never attempted to conceal his orthodontic treatment, in contrast to many other celebrities. He brought attention to the potential of orthodontics to enhance a smile, and for that, the dentistry profession owes him a debt of gratitude.

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