Here’s to the heartwarming story of how a History student found a position behind the scenes of a Disney film that brought her childhood dreams to life.

Stephanie Martinez

Stephanie Martinez-Ardnt grew up in a family of Disney and Pixar lovers, with Disney merchandise all over her house.

In 2010, when Stephanie and her brother were college-bound, they went with their family to the Dolby-Theatre to see Toy Story 3.

She was able to bring to life her love for the Disney Franchise as a part of the behind-the-scenes crew on Lightyear, the new movie for the beloved Buzz Lightyear.

 She knew from a young age that she wanted to be in the entertainment industry.

After a series of internships, Stephanie ended up at Pixar, working as a production coordinator for the effects department on Lightyear.

She said that the film was a perfect learning curve for her to have a first foray into effects.

Her work was to ensure equal distribution of responsibilities across different departments. This included shifting projects around, working to solve tech issues, and keeping an eye on deadlines for deliverables.

She is currently having a hard time believing her journey from the sets of the Dobie to the premiere of LightYear.

She believes that it will feel real and tangible when she gets to see the movie with her mom.

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