Hope For a Marvel Crossover

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D Star Chloe Bennet and Marvel’s first Asian star Simu Liu seen in Shang-Chi posted on Instagram to highlight Marvel’s recent attempt to increase diversity.

A series of photos were posted to Instagram on June 16, by Bennet and Liu that seamlessly mocked Marvel’s efforts to diversify the character roster.

Bennet wrote in the caption of the tweet “Oh this is Marvel’s first Asian superhero as well Simu Liu has also been featured included in the picture too.” Then Liu captioned his tweet “Marvel’s premier Asian superhero poses with a person.”

Bennet who is half-Chinese origin was a part of Marvel in 2013, and Simun Liu joined Marvel in the year 2019.

They are both well-known for being proud of their culture, but they have also expressed displeasure over the absence in Asian presence in Hollywood.

Simu Liu claimed in a conversation in 2021 in 2021 that Asian driven film “Crazy Rich Asians” had a significant role to play in opening floodgates for everyone (Asians).

The captions and photos appear to be having good spirits. The ultimate goal is to have more Asian actors as well as writers, directors, and creatives joining the field.

The photos also sparked a desire in the audience to witness an Marvel crossover featuring both top actors,

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