Florence Pugh to Star in East of Eden: The Little Women actress is set to portray a character from another classic novel in its adaptation of East of Eden.

Netflix is developing a new limited series adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic novel ‘East of Eden’ published in 1952.

About the Novel

The classic novel is set in California’s Salinas Valley over a period that stretches from the Civil War to the end of World War 1.

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The novel tells the interconnected stories of the Hamilton family- an Irish immigrant family with nine children- and the Trask family, led by the wealthy Adam Trask.

The story mainly focuses and is centered around the Trask family and the drama surrounding Adam, his wife Cathy, and their sons Cal and Aron.

Florence Pugh to Star in East of Eden
Florence Pugh to Star in East of Eden

Movie and Series Adaptation

The limited series, currently in early development at the streaming site, will be written and executive-produced by Emmy-nominated actress/writer Zoe Kazan.

Kazan’s grandfather, Elia Kazan, directed the 1955 film adaptation of the novel. The film is popular for starring James Dean in his first major screen role as Cal, alongside Julie Harris, Raymond Massey, Richard Davalos, and Jo Van Fleet.

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The film was critically acclaimed and was nominated for four Academy Awards, including best picture, with Fleet winning best-supporting actress for her role as Cathy.

Zoe Kazan spoke about her love for the novel, calling adapting the novel a dream of hers.

She further called Florence Pugh, “our dream Cathy”; and could not imagine a more thrilling actor to bring this character to life.

Florence Pugh’s Career

Pugh is best known for her role in the Marvel Universe as Yelena Belova, Midsommar and Little Women, which earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress.

She also co-starred with Alexander Skarsgard in the AMC spy thriller The Little Drummer Girl.

The actress last starred in “Hawkeye” as Belova. East of Eden (Novel)

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