Author Jenny Han work ‘To All The Boy’ had taken the world by a storm with its adaptation

Jenny Han and Adaptations

The novel by Author Jenny Han “To All The Boys” was a hit and took the world by storm through its adaptation. History may be repeated with a different version of her novel “To the Summer I Was Didn’t Look Pretty

The film All The Boys I’ve Loved Before was released on Netflix in the year 2018, and there was a belief that this film started a new era in rom-coms that included more variety.

As the trilogy was coming to an end this year, Jenny Han is bringing her debut coming-of-age trilogy named The Summer I Turned Pretty The Summer I Turned Pretty to life.

With the second novel in place, the writer is more involved in her adaptations.

Author Jenny Han spoke about her prior experiences and stated that she was able to learn the basics of the production of films is collective effort, and how one must be around individuals who are truly skilled at what they do.

In the ‘To All the Boys Project, Han received a hands-on training on the responsibilities of an initiative.

Author Jenny Han launched her own production company, Jenny Kissed me. This is the name under which is the name that ‘the Summer I Turned Pretty’ is recorded under the name of Jenny Kissed me.

The show follows a teen named Belly who is back at the beach house of her family’s friends home for their annual summer vacation. But this time she’s in a romantic triangle that she didn’t anticipate.

It’s wonderful that an author is take the initiative to control her work’s adaptation, especially considering that she is among the few female authors from Asia to have a book that is popular made into a major project.

Han said that she’d been working on every aspect of making sure that the series was perfect.

In advance of the show’s debut, Amazon Prime renewed it for a second season that will provide Han an opportunity to write her third of three books about Belly.

In the meantime, Han is also working on the All The Boys spinoff ‘XO, Kitty’, which will be a story about laura Kitty’s older sister, who is looking for the love of her life.

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