Tosca Musk Shakes up Streaming with Romance-Focused PassionFlix

PassionFlix was founded in 2017 by Tosca Musk, Jina Panebianco and Joany Kane.

The streaming service provides female-oriented content adapted from romance novels.

Tosca musk created this streaming service with the hopes of creating more female-driven content that was “completely ignored” by the industry prior to its launch.

The site includes an array of films of different genres, including bloopers and even behind the scenes featurettes.

Tosca Musk often directs the movies that are seen on the streaming site. Taking into account the fan’s desires and portraying them on screen.

Musk has propounded the need for fan inputs to make the projects a success. She aims towards adapting the material in a “loving and respectful manner.”

For future projects, Musk aims towards creating more “historical and political content.”

The main goal of PassionFlix according to Musk remains to “empower men and women through emotional strength and remove shame from sexuality.”

Tosca Musk Shakes up Streaming with Romance

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