Shakira Takes TikTok Dance Challenge

The “Queen of Latin Music” appeared on the Tonight Show for Jimmy Fallon’s “Watch It Once TikTok Challenge”

The audience went bonkers as Shakira stepped on the show while Jimmy challenged her to take turns perfecting popular TikTok dances after watching them just one time

Shakira Takes TikTok Dance Challenge, Talks ‘Te Felicito’ and ‘Focus’ on Late-Night TV

I don’t put out music too often,” Shakira explains. “To me, it’s a priority to dedicate time to my kids. But when I do it, I focus

Shakira’s “Watch It Once” TikTok challenge, where the Colombian master and host Jimmy Fallon offered a chance well known TikTok moves resulting to watching them on the big screen essentially the one time.

Jimmy said, “Shakira and I are gonna watch a TikTok dance once, okay? check the Latest Webstory

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