Christian Nodal and J Balvin are in a legal battle

A physical comparison sparked a disagreement between the two.

Christian Nodal and J Balvin’s rivalry has already generated various responses from followers. Still, it all started when the reggaeton artist shared a picture of himself with the Goodbye Love interpreter. He wrote, “Find the difference.”

Christian Nodal and J Balvin are in a legal battle

“I do have the ability, carnal, and I can gladly perform my creations wherever, however, anytime with pride,” Nodal said later. That you chose your photo, and the press chose mine.”

The urban genre singer replied, “That’s alright, this was only for fun,” referencing the chorus of Residente’s throwing away in Bizarrap session #49 in early March.

J Balvin says he awoke to be a joker after uploading the video with a Belinda tattoo filter.

Only an hour later, the reggaeton singer posted a video with a filter that simulated a belinda’s tattoo on the face, along with the caption: “I fill all my concerts, but the purpose of the image was that it appears cute.

Balvin claimed he awoke “joking” to excuse himself after seeing the video. As a result, the 23-year-old singer stated on Instagram that he “also woke up joking” after listening to Residente’s tiradera.

The dispute with Christian Nodal began with a post by J Balvin.

“There is nothing sensible that this bastard has a video talking about peace, mental health, vibes, and energies, but in his account that has millions of fans, He published a photo so they can make fun of me,” he added.

Nodal’s rage grew. He made fun of his recent divorce from Belinda, saying, “Clearly and everyone knows it, I’m getting up from very horrible stuff that I endured, and there’s no need doing these things. You have to use networks wisely.”

Balvin was tossed by Nodal because he was out of place.

The song with the “tiradera” to J Balvin, per the 23-year-old artist, will be published on Wednesday, June 1, or the nighttime of next Thursday. Balvin, according to Nodal, embodies everything that is wrong with the music industry.

The dispute stemmed from a photo in which Balvin related himself to the translator of Goodbye Lovebut in an attempt to mock him, so he chose to make a song to respond.

Balvin, according to Christian Nodal, is a poster child for everything that is wrong with the world.

J Balvin quickly responded to Nodal, saying, “They compared him to me, they compared him to me, whatever the photo is, it’s very nice, I feel sexy, confident, secure; if he happened to take it badly, well, it’s already his problem because You can’t make a joke without making him extremely sensitive.”

J Balvin, meanwhile, expressed confidence in the theme Nodal will release in the coming hours: “And if you’re going to get the tiradera, let it be romantic and that it sells, that it breaks the streams since it’s always worked for them, good luck panty,” he added.

Immediately after, Nodal responded to a tale where René shared his caps on Instagram, substituting the audio of the line “Add lemon with salt” played by the regional singer for the original sound.

Balvin’s song will be released at “3 o’clock.”Nodal stated in his most current time tale that his music will be published at 3 o’clock, although he didn’t state whether he meant early morning or afternoon on June 2.

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