Love Is Blind Japan Audition 2023: A“Are you Japanese and bachelor and looking for your dreamed life partner? Or you failed to find your dream partner, no matter whatever could have been the reasons, here is good news for such Japanese people. Love is Blind: Japanese Version has been specially designed for Japanese people. It is the Japanese version of Love is Blind: USA, a TV reality Show. So here is a life-changing chance for you to get your dream life partner.”

Japanese people are thought to be mysterious for their culture, behaviour and more strangely for their way of communication. They do not express themselves clearly. They are very kind and hesitant to hurt anybody’s emotions by their harsh and impolite words. When it comes to expressing the feeling of romance, they are almost stuck.

Love Is Blind Japan Audition 2023 Host Names: 

was presented by Takashi Fujii and  Yuka Itaya. This TV Reality Show premiered on Netflix on February 08, 2022. Its original Japanese version was featured in 11 episodes in the Japanese Language. 

What is Love is Blind Japan?

Love is Blind is a TV Reality Show wherein eligible bachelors are put in individual pods wherein they can sit,eat, drink and talk to each other. They are given 10 days time to find their best matching spouse. It is actually a speed-up dating Reality TV Show where  two unknown individuals choose their life partner to whom they have never met or knew before. Moreover, without seeing each other or physically meeting each other, they exchange their feelings and emotions. They talked to each other to convey their  feelings to each other. If their chemistry matches, they propose to their counterpart.     

Love Is Blind Japan Audition 2023
Love Is Blind Japan Audition 2023

At the end of Ten days, if they are able to find their supposed spouse, they are sent on a trip. On the trip, they get a first time chance to see each other and physically meet each other. They are allowed to share the same apartment wherein they try to explore and understand each other. During their trip supposed spouses are allowed to call in their family. With their families, they get enough chances to understand their acceptability and adaptability.  At the final stage of Show, supposed spouses are sent on the wedding altar where they actually decide to make their life partner or not.

Love is Blind japan Version is make like Japanese:

Love is Blind Japanese Version is  different in some aspects from Love is Blind USA. In Love is Blind:USA Version wherein participants are put in the pods whereas Love is Blind: Japanese Version, the Squared pods are removed. Instead of American Style Pods, Japanese style Pods are put. Its vernacular Japanese style helps them to feel like Japanese. The Japanese style pods are more aesthetically decorated and more gorgeous.  In the USA Version wherein participants talk into square opaque glass, whereas in the Japanese Version, the singles all talk into a very large circle called The Moon. It looks like the fairyland of the Japanese Version. Its beauty and design is unique and outstanding. 

Japanese people are not straightforward as are Europeans. They are shy and hesitant in proposing. But once they are done proposing, actually get hurt if they break up.

Japanese people are thought to be different in their culture, way of thinking. They value their rich heritage and culture. While proposing, they do not directly ask their dates about very personal details. Neither they speak arousing or romantic worlds. Instead, they ask about their career, background, family, education, sports, achievements. They keep every record of their counterpart in their notebook.

Love is Blind Japan Contestants 2022:

Love is Blind: Japan is a Japanese dating reality TV show which premiered on Netflix on February 8, 2022. There were a total of 24 participants in Love is Blind: Japan. However, out of 24 only 8 pairs were successful in finding their supposed spouse.  Out of 8 pairs, only two pairs got married. Below is the summary of the couples.

Name of couplesMarital Status
Odacchi and NanakoNO
Ryotaro and MotomiYes
Wataru and MidoriNO
Shuntaro and AyanoNO
Misaki and KaoruNO
Udai and NanaNO
Mori and MinamiNO
Love Is Blind Japan Audition 2023

Love Is Blind Japan Duration:

Love is Blind: USA version takes two weeks to complete the whole show. Love is Blind: Brazilian Version came as Reunion took three weeks to complete. Love is Blind: Japanese Version took 4 weeks to complete it’s Season 1.

Love Is Blind Japan Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria is almost the same as Love is Blind: USA version but along with  few differences. Love is Blind: USA wherein mostly participants are  from 18s to under 40s, Love is Blind: Japanese mostly participants are from 30s up to 56. Mostly divorce or aged single. Some are CEO or Director, Engineer or Business head. Below is the list for eligibility.

  1. Minimum age 18 Years.
  2. Resident of Japan
  3. Japanese Citizen
  4. Identity Proof
  5. Address Proof
  6. Ability to express his/her self.
  7. Truly looking for a life partner

How to Apply for Love is Blind Japan Audition 2023 

A. Procedure

  1. Eligible candidate should visit the website
  2. He/she should upload his/her auditions video of one minute or less on website in respective option.

B. Things Need to be Cared:

An applicant must need to be taken care of following things while uploading the application form & audition video on the website.

  • Shot in portrait mode.
  • Selfie video could be best option
  • Time duration should be one minute or less.
  • Candidate should introduce his/her name, age and where you are from in your video
  • Accepted video formats: .mp4, .webm, .mov.
  • Video size Up to 250 MB.

Love is Blind Japan 2022 Season 1 Judges:   

Donna A. Driscoll was the Judge for the First season of Love is blind. She is a well-experienced lady and has already done casting for the 3 best Shows.  She has been acting as a judge on the show since Season 1.

Are Love Is Blind Japan couples still together?

yes Ryotaro and Motomi are still together. They are the most beautiful couple from “Love is Blind Japan and their relationship seems to be flourishing.

Love is Blind Japan Trailer 2022

Love Is Blind Japan Audition 2023


Love is Blind: japan Version is really designed for Japanese People. Japanese People are culturally called Yamamoto. Though they could be bold, industrious and daring in other fields, when it comes to  love and proposing to someone is a tough task for them. They are not as straightforward as other western European countries. They are far advanced in technology, innovation, health system, and human value but in the field of romance, they are shy and hesitant.  This TV Reality Speed-up Dating Show provides an excellent opportunity for such Japanese bachelors to find their life partner.

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