Love is Blind Brazil Audition 2023, Contestants, Application, Apply Online

Love is Blind Brazil Audition: “Hey! If you are a bachelor and looking for a real-life partner whom you have never met or knew before, here is good news for you. Love is  Blind, Reunion has brought you a reality show where eligible contestants can choose their dreamed life partner. It is a speed dating  set-up wherein men and women choose their futuristic real-life partner.” 

Love is Blind Brazil Audition 2023

Love is Blind Brazil also known as Love is Blind: Reunion is the Brazilian version of Love is blind: USA. The participants are put separately in pods wherein, they can eat, drink and talk but could not see each other or physically meet each other. They are given 10days time to find a suitable partner and finally propose to the supposed spouse. Then couples are sent on trips to Amparo and So Paulo. Their couples can see each other. The retreat gives ample opportunities for couples to get to know each other.

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 Love is Blind Brazil Audition 2023
Love is Blind Brazil Audition 2023

The couples are allowed to bring their family members to meet each other. Then, finally comes the day of the wedding, whereon couples actually decide to make their counterpart to make their real life partner or not. 

Love is Blind, Brazil Season 1 lasted for 3 weeks.

Love is Blind: Brazil, Reunion: 

This  Show was produced  a company called Kinetic Content and was Created by Chris Coelene

Love is Blind: Reunion Host Name: 

The TV Reality show was hosted by Real life Husband-Wife  Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo that premiered on Netflix on October 6, 2021. It was aired on the Netflix Brazilian Youtube channel on 04 November 2021.

Love is Blind: Reunion, Proposal Success: 

There were 32 participants in Love is Blind: Reunion. Out of 32 Participants, only 8 couples were successful. Out of 8 couples, only 6 couples got engaged. And finally, at the altar of the wedding, only two couples were successful in choosing their life partner.  

Love is Blind, Reunion:  Contestant Names:

  • Luana Braga
  • Lissio Fiod
  • Carolina “Carol” Novaes
  • Hudson Mendes
  • Fernanda “Nanda” Terra
  • Thiago Rocha
  • Ana Prado
  • Shayan Haghbin
  • Dayanne Feitoza
  • Rodrigo Vaisemberg
  • Aline Magara
  • Diego Pasquini
  • Ana Gaudencio
  • Alexis Martinho
  • Anna Arraes
  • Bruno Brych
  • Pamella de Souza
  • Gustavo Mester
  • Priscilla Pitman
  • Victor  Varella
  • Artur Nassar
  • Barbara Buff
  • Carla Maion
  • Carolina Stamitis
  • Gabriella Goncalves
  • Fabiana Maruyama
  • Flavio Henrique
  • Leo Conceicao
  • Luiz Paulo Melhor
  • Mcdavid “Mack” Alves
  • Mayara Carvalho
  • Thiago de Oliveira

Love is Blind, Reunion: Candidates Who are still together:

 Only four participants were successful in finding their life partner from the first season of this reality show. Their names are 

1- Luana Braga  and  Lissio Fiod, 

2- Fernanda “Nanda” Terra and Thiago Rocha actually got married.  

However, Luana Braga and Liscio Food are still living together. 

Love is Blind, Reunion:  Couples Biography:

Who is Luana Braga?

She is a Psychologist from Bahia, a northeastern Brazilian State. She is 33 years old, a beautiful white skinned lady. Her hair is of golden color and has black eyes.  She loves cooking.

Who is Lissio Fiod Profile: 

He is  34 years old, a very handsome guy from Indaiatuba, Brazil. He is an entrepreneur and a great visionary. He is the founder of DOM Portas. He is also the proprietor of Villa Boracay. 

Who is Thiago Rocha Profile:

 He is a 34 years old, well built, handsome guy from Santa Catarina. He is a Skydiver. His most liked sport is Beach Volleyball.

Who is Fernanda “Nanda” Terra:  She is a 36 years old, white skinned beautiful lady.  She is an artist.  Her favorite food is seafood.

Love is Blind Brazil Audition 2023 Eligibility:

  1. Minimum age 18 years old.
  2. Brazilian  Citizen
  3. Identity Proof
  4. Address Proof
  5. Mentaly and physically healthy
  6. Ability to convey his/her feelings to the counterpart.

Love is Blind Brazil Audition 2022: Season 2

“Good news for the bachelors who missed finding their dream partner in ‘Love is Blind’ Reunion Season 1.  Love is Blind Season 2 is on the right track. They have a great chance to get their dream partner.”

After Love is Blind, Brazil: Reunion, grand success, The company Kinetic Content is planning for  Season 2 Auditions.  These days young men and women are very excited about this speed up dating TV Reality Show. Netflix is investing a hefty amount in this reality show.    

Love is Blind Brazil 2022: Season 2 Format: 

Format for Love is Blind, Season 2, will be remain same as it was for Season 1. The Selection criteria and procedure so far no alternation has been notified.  Host names are the same Camila Queiroz  and Klebber Toledo, a real life husband and wife.

The official date for the audition is yet to be declared. The program is supposed to be broadcast in 10 episodes.

Love is Blind Social Media Profile

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Most Asked Question Blind Brazil Audition:

Q1. Who can apply for the Love is Blind Brazil Audition?

Ans. Any Individual whose age is 18 years old, physically and mentally fit and a Citizen of Brazil is eligible for the show. 

Q2. Where can I apply? 

Ans. Eligible candidates should visit the website to fill out the application form and upload the one or less than one minute’s audition video. there any fee for the participation?

 Ans. Details are available on its official website

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