10 Best Dating Reality Shows on Netflix

10 best dating reality shows on Netflix: We can’t get enough of reality dating shows, from “The Bachelor” to “Love Island,” whether they’re butterflies-inducing love stories or complete train wrecks that we can’t look away from. Netflix is aware of this, and so it offers us more exotic islands, expensive dates, and romantic gestures than you can shake a rose at. Reality shows on Netflix are a go-to pastime for most people.

Thanks to streaming services, we now have the chance to see a wider range of people find love in unusual ways. It is refreshing to see diversity in dating shows these days, and concepts more creative than one man having his choice of twenty or more beautiful women.

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Dating reality shows on Netflix are really great, whether you’re looking for Netflix originals like Too Hot To Handle or shows from other well-known TV networks. If you’re in the mood for some good, old-fashioned guilty pleasure television, check out these excellent choices of top reality shows.

List of 10 best dating reality shows on Netflix

Dating Around

One of the best dating programmes on television is “Dating Around,” which strikes the ideal balance between embarrassing situations and sincere connections. You will adore this Netflix series if you are the type of person who enjoys spying on first dates at restaurants. A new hopeful single is followed on five different dates in each episode.

best dating reality shows on Netflix
Dating Around – best dating reality shows on Netflix

Each date consists of three parts: “Drinks,” “Dinner,” and “After Hours,” with possible partners leaving after each. In contrast to other dating shows, it is flawlessly edited and filmed more like a glitzy docuseries than a dating show. There is also no host or commentary. The hopeful single meets up with one of the suitors for a second date in a sunny place at the conclusion of each show.

For viewers who don’t only want to watch attractive, straight, white people for hours on end, Dating Around is undoubtedly the most inclusive of many of the shows here, which is why many enjoy it so much more. The show is easy to follow and enjoy because it features characters of so many diverse sexual orientations, races, and personalities. The fact that there is currently a Brazilian version of this series shows how well-liked it was.

Are You The One

Peak MTV, “Are You The One?” has been airing since 2014. Twenty lonely people in a gorgeous mansion on a tropical island must cooperate to locate each other’s ideal partners in order to win a million dollars. In order to identify the right competitor for them, producers interview the contestants’ ex-partners before filming.

Are You The One
Are You The One – best dating reality show on Netflix

It is a hot mess of a programme with competitions, truth booths, honeymoon suites, match ceremonies, and a tonne of drama—everything you could want for a guilty pleasure binge. The show’s bouts were only between men and women for the first seven seasons, but starting with the eighth season, any gender can participate.

It stands out because it also seems a little mysterious to you, which adds to its allure. You may simply sit at home and observe as the competitors attempt to choose their matches while the prize money is on the line

Love On The Spectrum

You’ll fall in love with the ground-breaking Australian series “Love On The Spectrum.” The television show follows a group of young Australians with autism as they start dating. The participants gain social skills with the help of actual specialists in the hopes of meeting someone.

Love On The Spectrum : best dating reality shows on Netflix
Love On The Spectrum : best dating reality shows on Netflix

Even though not everyone will find true love, the show aids the contestants in creating lifelong connections with those who share their interests. Viewers get a sense of what dating is like for people on the spectrum as we follow their dating adventures. You won’t find anything else like it on television, and each episode will leave you wanting more.

‘Love On The Spectrum’ is genuinely about love, in contrast to many dating shows that largely focus on only the sexual aspect of dating or how many followers someone might wish to gain from being on the show. What makes it great is that it stays true to its original subject matter and follows a number of lovely people, all of whom are on the autism spectrum and who genuinely desire to fall in love.

Single’s Inferno

The popular Korean reality dating programme “Single’s Inferno” has become a worldwide sensation. The competitors are “stranded” on an island with nothing but food, which they must prepare themselves, basic hygiene, and tents in this hybrid of Bachelor in Paradise, Love Island, and Survivor.

Singles Inferno
Single’s Inferno: best dating reality show on Netflix

The show begins with 9 contestants, and two trespassers are later added. The competitors are forbidden from discussing their ages or occupations as they get to know one another. At the conclusion of each episode, contestants anonymously select the person they would like to spend a romantic evening with in a five-star hotel. If two contestants select the same person, they win the night away.

Love Is Blind

The contestants on the unusual dating show “Love Is Blind” aren’t allowed to see each other until they’ve exchanged proposals. In the first episode of the series, thirty singles go on dates with each other in “pods,” extremely intimate spaces where they can only hear each other through speakers in the hopes of striking up a connection. If they are successful in “falling in love,” they must then make a marriage proposal before being given permission to meet in person.

Love Is Blind : Best Dating reality shows on Netflix
Love Is Blind : Best Dating reality shows on Netflix

After being hitched, the couples spend a week on vacation in Mexico before going back home for two weeks so they can get to know each other’s families. At the end of it all, they have to decide if they want to be together during a wedding ceremony in front of all of their loved ones. It is extremely binge-worthy, emotionally charged, and highly addictive.

It certainly offers one of the most intriguing perspectives on romance. People particularly enjoy how these shows discuss the concept of blind dating in a way that allows the candidates to get to know one another without passing judgement on how they look but still feeling at least somewhat true to who they are.

Learn Which Love is blind couple are still together

Indian Matchmaking

Sima Taparia, the star of the Netflix series Indian Matchmaking, is the top matchmaker in Mumbai. As Sima explains, there are “marriages” and “love marriages” in India, and it is in the latter that she is involved. Sima works with customers and their families to locate their partners after conducting in-depth research and visiting clients’ hometowns.

Best Dating reality shows on Netflix
Indian Matchmaking : Best Dating reality shows on Netflix

The series standouts include feminist icon Aparna and all-around nice guy Vyasar. Sima has a long list of clients and finds them wherever she goes, including the grocery store and the airport. The show, however, documents the dating journeys of a small group of these clients.

Too Hot To Handle

In the American-British reality dating programme “Too Hot To Handle,” ten incredibly attractive singles compete to win a fantasy getaway worth $100,000. The problem? How difficult can abstaining for four weeks be when money is removed from their account every time they hook up? very nearly unattainable.

Too Hot To Handle : Best Dating reality show on Netflix
Too Hot To Handle : Best Dating reality show on Netflix

The virtual assistant Lana serves as the host of the series, which is currently in its third season and shoots in Turks & Caicos. The show aims to help competitors forge real connections through challenges and workshops rather than succumbing to physical attraction.

It was such a hit on Netflix when it initially debuted in 2020 that a second season was added not long after. The programme gained so much traction that the streaming service now also offers a Brazilian version of it.

Back With The Ex

The Australian television show Back With The Ex follows four couples who attempt to fall in love again—or, in some cases, for the third or fourth time. The drama-filled show doesn’t mince words and gives viewers an open look at the couple’s marital problems.

Back With The Ex: Best Dating reality show on Netflix
Back With The Ex: Best Dating reality show on Netflix

Over a period of three weeks, the couples go on another date, first in hotels and later in each other’s new homes. Before determining whether to give each other another chance in the real world, the candidates must think back on the experience and explain what went wrong the previous time.

Sexy Beasts

If Love Is Blind didn’t take itself so seriously, we’d have “Sexy Beasts.” The Sexy Beasts competitors are disguised behind absurd film-grade prosthetics before being dispatched on their dates in what may be one of the oddest and best Netflix programmes.

One masked contestant’s quest for love is the main subject of each episode. The participant goes on a series of quick dates with three other masked suitors in the first round before picking two to advance to the next. Before the identities of the suitors are disclosed in the final scene, the contestant must decide after the second date.

Sexy Beasts : Best Dating reality shows on Netflix
Sexy Beasts : Best Dating reality shows on Netflix

Similar to “Love is Blind,” “Sexy Beasts” is even cheesier. Given that most viewers won’t even take it seriously given the heavy makeup, it doesn’t actually take itself too seriously. They don’t have to resemble the actual demons of the underworld because this isn’t a fantasy show, but the creators go far with the prosthetics, which makes the show comical. Even so, it’s still entertaining, and it’s cute to watch the dates.

Say I Do

Let’s ‘Say I Do’ give you hope if your binge-watching of reality dating shows has left you feeling hopeless. Say I Do, from the Queer Eye creators, helps couples organise the surprise wedding of their partner’s dreams with the assistance of interior designer Jeremiah Brent, fashion designer Thai Nguyen, and chef Gabriele Bertaccini.

Best Dating reality shows on Netflix
Say I Do: Netflix’s Best Dating Reality Show

Be prepared to cry uncontrollably because each episode focuses on a different couple who, for one reason or another, has been unable to carry out their big day. Whether it’s due to financial difficulties or the loss of a loved one, their stories will break your heart.

As you can probably tell from the title, this programme isn’t actually about dating; rather, it’s about what occurs when you discover the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. But if you want something a little more enjoyable to watch than the standard dating show that only highlights relationship difficulties, this is it.

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