Breaking down Love, Death & Robots season 3 by the amounts of love, death, and robots

Tim Miller and David Fincher's restless grown-up vivified treasury Love, Death and Robots is back with volume 3, child!

of the series truly pushes the realistic bareness and outrageous savagery with 18 shorts that are really darn long

Session 1

conversely, is punchier and more keen, exchanging needless tiddies for more impactful narrating.

Session 2

continues in the strides of season 2, keeping the singular shorts more limited and snappier

Session 3

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American idol All Session  Winners 

There are a larger number of guts and carnage than in season 2, however without the unnecessary sexual brutality from season 1. We love to see it!

Consistent with past Polygon custom, we've separated every one of this season's nine shorts by how much love, demise, and robots they contain, as well as the overall satisfaction factor.

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