Suspense on Big Brother Australia 2023

Big Brother Australia is also known as ‘Big Brother a TV reality show which has been airing on Channel 7, is likely not coming in 2023. According to well-placed sources, The broadcasting company ‘Seven Channel 7’ has pulled out from this programme. Some sources say that the programme has been shelved due to low ratings.

Show Rating of Big Brother Australia on June 8

Combined metro and regional, total people
1. Seven News 1.9 million
2. Nine News 1.14 million
3. Seven News at 6.30pm 1.75 million
4. Nine News at 6.30pm 1.37 million
5. Big Brother Eviction 1.29 million
6. Big Brother Arrival 1.190 million
7. The Voice 1.192 million
8. Big Brother 1.181 million
9. A Current Affair 1.184 million
10. The Chase Australia 1.15 million

Source: OzTAM Overnight Data

Australia Big Brother A TV Reality show started its production in 2001, by Southern Star Endemol.  Since then it has completed 14 seasons.

Suspense on Big Brother Australia 2023
Suspense on Big Brother Australia 2023

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Last season was aired on TV channel 7.

Australia Big Brother 2023

Australia Big Brother, A Reality Show is based on the International  Big Brother concept. It was Created by John de Mol. In this programme, eligible candidates are put in groups in a house which is isolated from this world. The participants are called housemates. They are continuously monitored through CC Camera. Instructions are given through personal  microphones. Contestants are regularly evicted out one by one through a process called elimination. The last contest is declared the winner. The winner is awarded with a big cash amount. 

Australia Big Brother: History

Production Company inconsistency

The journey of ‘Australia Big Brother’ is very long but not consistent. There have been many ups and downs of much acclaimed TV reality shows. Southern Star Endemol Company Started its production from 2001. Last Season was produced by Endemol Shine Australia. 

The history of  Broadcasting company  of ‘Australia Big Brother’ has not been consistent. Network Ten broadcasted  from 2001-08, Nine Network from 2012-14 Seven Network Broadcasted from 2020-2022.

Broadcasting Company Inconsistency

  Australia Big Brother started very enthusiastically in 2001. The programme earned much support and acclamations from the audience. However, in 2008, a controversy broke out and it was suspended till 2011. Big Brother returned in 2012 on TV  Network Nine and continued till 2015. Again due to some controversy and disagreements, Network Nine did not renew this programme. Seven Network Picked up this programme in 2020 and completed its season 13. 


Many celebrities came forward to rescue this programme like Reggie Bird, Tim Dormer, and Anthony “Drew” Drew. Trevol Butler, Estelle Landy and Layla Subritzky, but nobody seems to rescue it. The controversy and low rating of viewership are thought to be the main reason for the suspension of this programme. However, there are so much gossip running in the market like- a company has already purchased its licence,  etc.  One thing is clear from all resources that Australia Big Brother is least likely to return in 2023.