Bre Tiesi States “Nick Cannon is the best father ever!”

In a recent interview, Bre Tiesi, who will be the mother of Nick Cannon’s fifth child, talked openly about their relationship.

The 31-year-old, who is presently carrying Nick’s eighth kid, made fun of those who think her connection with the 41-year-old comedian and presenter is a “cult.”

On Tuesday, Bre Tiesi made an appearance on the Know For Sure podcast where she discussed the rumours that have been spread about her relationship. 

She said she was aware of the fact that Nick Cannon had fathered numerous children in the previous year with various women when she became pregnant with his child, but she still had faith in Nick’s ability to be a good father to all of his sons and daughters.

Bre is supposedly expecting Nick Cannon’s eighth child on October 25, while Abby De La Rosa, the mother of his twins Zion and Zillion, is reportedly expecting Nick’s ninth child.

Bre responded, “It’s not necessarily anything,” when asked if their relationship was polygamous, adding that Nick “meets [her] requirements.”

“He tries so hard – I have so many friends that are fighting over their kids in court, the dads are never present, they don’t help with anything and these damaged situations and I’m just grateful that this is just not. I’m like, he’s the best dad.”

According to Bre, “He tries so hard; I have so many friends who are fighting in court for custody of their children, and I’m just thankful that this isn’t the case for me. The dads are never present, they don’t assist in any way, and the situations are messed up. I think he’s the best father ever.”

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