Top Gun Volleyball Scene

Top Gun Volleyball Scene : One of the most famous Top Gun scenes so upset Paramount executives that late film director Tony Scott could have lost his job, as per the Oscar-nominated editors that collaborated on the film in 1986.

The famous Top Gun Volleyball Scene with sparkling Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer remains a pop interest for over more than 36 years.

For the sake of capturing this magic of the scene, Scott took a whole day to film what that the studio had not anticipated of the film, given that it’s just one paragraph long on the screenplay.

“That scene was scripted to be an actual gaming scenario,” Editor Chris Lebenzon discusses in this episode of the THR’s Behind the Screen podcast.

“They kept track of the score and everything else, and Tony did it as commercial and the studio was furious.” The editor added fellow colleague Billy Weber: “The studio was so angry. The producer’s head, Charlie McGuire, he told me,

“I’m going to fire him” because he spent the entire day filming the scene.” Weber as well as Lebenzon are taking a look back to celebrate their release date of Top Gun: Maverick, the long-awaited sequel which set an Memorial Day record at the box office over the weekend.

The pair were eligible for nomination to the Academy Award for their work on Top Gun, which received an overall four nominations. The film also won an Oscar for the love song, “Take My Breath Away,” which was performed by the group Berlin.

Weber and Lebenzon collaborated together Scott and Scott on Days of Thunder and on Martin Brest’s Midnight Run.

Reflects Weber on the fury over the Top Gun Volleyball Scene incident: “And then of course it turns out that it’s among the film’s most well-known scenes from the film.”

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