Tim Sale passed away at the age of 66

Tim Sale, the popular comic creator who created Batman: The Long Halloween died at the age of 66.

Tim Sale was admitted to a hospital in the past few days. He died on Thursday.

The reason for the cause of his death isn’t known at this time.

DC Comics’ official twitter account made a tribute to the artist in a post about his groundbreaking pag designs and how they transformed how people view comics.

Furthemore declaring him an extraordinary artist whose interpretation on the character’s iconic look was a real-life human being as well as his innovative designs revolutionized the way a generation sees the comics and their story telling.

They offered their condolences to the musicians and declared that he would be greatly missed.

An additional statement made by the Comic chief creative officer and publisher Jim Lee who called Tim Sale an extraordinary artist.

Then he added that everyone in the DC family was devastated by the announcement that Tim Sale passing away.

Tim Sale’s ability to tell stories and layouts of panels and the using shadows and lighting that infused his work with the dreadful gravitas of a foreboding character and dark noir sensibilities.

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