Reality Star Stephanie Matto’s Die-hard fans frequently spend a fortune to have a memorabilia of their #1 superstar.

While some purchase signed pieces, others go for utilized embellishments. However, did you believe that a jug of bosom sweat by a VIP could sell for $500 a container?.

Reality Star Stephanie Matto

YouTuber and unscripted television star Stephanie Matto is demonstrating that selling mammary perspiration (otherwise called bosom sweat) is a practical method of pay.

Matto, who previously showed up on the unscripted TV drama ’90 Day Fiance’ in 2020, is acquiring up to ₹ 4 lakh ($5,000) consistently by selling jugs of her bosom sweat. She sells the item on her site.

The truth star from Connecticut, US said that she figures out how to top off to 10 jugs when the weather conditions is sufficiently warm. She sells each container for $500.

Matto said that when the weather conditions is sufficiently warm, she figures out how to top off to 10 containers with her bosom sweat in a day and sells them for $500 per bottle.

The 31-year-old narratives the cycle in TikTok recordings. One of her recordings was subtitled “All you want is bottles, sun, cha chas, and pass on like a maple tree for a really long time!”

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