Marvel Contest of Champions: Wiccan and Hulkling Arriving This June

The new series is planned to air on Monday, June 8, on Ms. Marvel.

It is centered around Kamala Khan, who has had a hard time fitting in until she is able to develop her own abilities.


To celebrate the upcoming launch, in Marvel Contest of Champions Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) will join the rosters of the new and old Summoners for free from the 8th of June. The offer will end on July 20.

The new champions enter the game with Patch V35.1 that makes modifications to certain Acts

The entire Class or Rarity Gates within Act 6.2 have been removed.

  • Choice Nodes added just prior to the final Bosses for the entirety in Act 6.
  • The Energy Cost per Step is reduced by a third in Acts 5 and 6.
  • The removed Burden of Might Aspect of Death The Prove Yourself link and the Dismay Nodes in Quest 6.2.6 in order to render The Champion less difficult to beat on repeated playthroughs.
  • All combats (excluding those involving the Grandmaster Boss of Act 6.4.6) have been given Attack and Health values retuned

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