LIzzo made headlines this week for using an ableist slur in her new song “Grrrls”

Disability advocates criticised her use of the word “spazz” which is a pejorative term derive from the word “spastic”

She was implored to change the lyric or else remove the song from streaming services.

On Monday night, Lizzo responded and confirmed that she had indeed changed the lyrics and would be releasing a new version of the track.

In her statement on social media that “I never want to promote derogatory language.”

She further propounded in her statement, “As a fat black woman in America, I have had many hurtful words used against me so I could understand the power words can have.”

The updated version of the song has already replaced the original on streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify and Youtube.

However many people are defending Lizzo and pointed out that other songs have used this term including in works of artists such as Cardi B and Kanye West.

In the song “Shake it” feat. Cardi B, the word “retarded” is rapped which is considered highly offensive and outdated.

Fans rushed to Lizzo’s defense and pointed out the loopholes in cancel culture and how it is “weird and selective.” And colourism and fatphobia to be the reason behind Lizzo being targeted.

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