Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan join Neighbours

Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan join Neighbours the cast as the soap filming its final episode following 37 years

Celebrities and old favourites were part of an emotional crew and cast for the shooting of Neighbours’ final season. the long-running Australian soap drama Neighbours.

Its stars Kylie Minogue, Guy Pearce and Jason Donovan (Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan join Neighbours) returned to Ramsey Street as the series ended in the midst of 37 years..

The internationally-renowned soap opera premiered in 1985. It focused on the lives of people who lived and worked in Erinsborough, the Erinsborough, a fictional Melbourne town of Erinsborough.

The executive producer Jason Herbison said: “Of course, it’s tragic and we shed tears however, we’re also extremely happy. 37 years of production is an amazing accomplishment and deserves to be honored.

“We’ve also been extremely touched by the kind words from our viewers around the globe.”

Ms. Minogue was a character from Charlene Robinson on the show from 1986 to the present, admitted she was feeling “quite some pressure” to be back to the final episode.

She said on Late Night with Seth Meyers: “I was only in the show for two and one-half years. It just went off the rails and England was awestruck by it. It’s been with me since, and it’s played a huge role in how I got into the world of music.

“The show was shown twice daily and the students would stay off from school, and they would change the working hours.”

She continued: “They’re finishing the show and there was a lot of pressure to travel back and shoot my scenes to Australia.”

Her husband on screen, Jason Donovan, who played Scott was also back in the final episode.

Stefan Dennis, who has played the role of the villainous Paul Robinson on and off throughout the show’s 37 years of history has described the final date of shooting as “a sorrowful afternoon” according to Australian breakfast show Studio 10 on Friday.

The actor claimed that the actor “surprised himself” in the process of becoming extremely emotional during filming the final scenes. He admitted that he had to maintain an “very low appearance” for the sake of being able to keep from becoming “an complete mess”.

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