One of the bigger changes noticed in The Summer I Turned Pretty in its adaptation from novel to screen involved the character of Jeremiah Fisher, who is eyeing for the heart of 16-year-old “Belly.”

In Prime Video’s second episode, the show points towards his sexual fluidity where he mentions all the boy and girls at the country club that he has kissed.

Jenny Han, the author, tried to understand how to approach this adaptation in 2022.

She went on to say that if she had written the novel today, she would have made that choice because to her, Jeremiah has always been a character that is at ease with himself, really comfortable in his own skin, open-minded and open to exploration.

She goes on to say that Jeremiah is just a high schooler and is still exploring his sexuality and not ready to identify as bisexual.

Jeremiah Fisher

She further propounds that he is a young person who is sexualy fluid and still figuring out where he falls in that and has not experienced a lot of love yet. And that it is still early on in that journey.

 And although Jeremiah is sexuallly fluid in this version of the story, the books’ central love triangle of Belly, Jeremiah and other Fisher brother, Conrad remains “intact” in the show.

Furthermore, Han mentions that the characters are the same.

Jeremiah Fisher is played by Gavin Casalegno, “Belly” by Lola Tung, and Conrad by Christopher Briney.

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