Peter Rice and the ascension of Dana Walden

Disney has confirmed the exit of Peter Rice and the ascension of Dana Walden. 

Release that doesn’t even mention Rice or the reason why he was fired is not the same story that we broke at 8:18 am PST.

Disney has dismissed Peter Rice from his post as the Chairman of Walt Disney Television and Co-Chair, Disney Media Networks.

The studio has appointed Dana Walden, Chairman of Entertainment, Walt Disney Television to succeed him.

Both came to the scene as Disney was swallowed by Fox and are thought to be to be among the top creative executives in the business.

This is a major restructuring change that was made by Disney CEO Bob Chapek, as he continues to stamp his name on the post of Bob Iger.

It’s an incredibly powerful move that has left people in Hollywood in awe, mainly due to the unpredictability of the sequence of events.

as well as in reversing the executive structure that has worked so well, because Rice along with Walden have been working in a harmonious way for so many years.

When it came to Rice, Disney had an executive who was a talented person and a deep understanding of news, sports and finance. Executives like that do not grow in trees, as several notable industry leaders claimed.

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