Cannes Film Festival 2022 & 10 best Europe’s summer film festivals in 2022:

10 Best Europe’s summer film festivals

Annecy (The annual animation festival in France), France

13-18 June

Mediterranean film festival, Split, Croatia

16-25 June 2022

Transylvania international film festival, Romania


17-26 June

Munich film festival/Filmfest München, German

23 June-2 July

Karlovy Vary international film festival, Czech Republic

1-9 July

Locarno film festival, Switzerland

3-13 August

Venice film festival, Italy

31 August-10 September

San Sebastián film festival, Spain

16-24 September

Zurich film festival, Switzerland

22 September-2 October

Evolution Mallorca international film festival, Spain

26 October-1 November

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