Its Time to show your talent and this can be live via talent Show. here before moving to know about the US most-watched talent show on NBC, the event America’s Got Talent 2022 (AGT Season 17) Let’s try to under what is AGT 2022?

What AGT 2022

The American version of Got Talent (often abbreviated as AGT) is a telecast American talent show, which is part of the worldwide Got Talent franchise created by Simon Cowell. The show was produced by Fremantle USA (as well as being distributed via) along with Syco Entertainment and airs via the NBC television network. 

It debuted on the 21st of June in 2006, after plans to launch the release of a British version that were planned for 2005 halted in the wake of a dispute between ITV and ITV, the British television broadcaster ITV. The production would begin in 2007 following the success of its initial season. 

America's Got Talent 2022 Contestants
America Got Talent 2022 Judges

The season runs in the summer season of the network and has included a variety of hosts over the series’ history. The present hosts are Terry Crews.

America’s Got Talent 2022 Contestants

The show is an NBC classic featuring 16 thrilling seasons. Its magician Dustin Tavella was crowned the Season 16 winner in September of last year, and viewers are excited to see who will be the next winner of the million-dollar prize.

AGT always draws a wide array of talents. It includes angelic singers such as Victory Brinker to stunning aerialist acts such as Aidan Bryant.

The auditions for AGT’s preliminary round of auditions are coming to an end in April, the fans are excited to see who will stand for the jury in 2022.

The good news is that thankfully we can say that the wait is close to being over! Here’s what we know about the upcoming season of AGT.

List of Genres in Which America’s Got Talent 2022 Contestants will Perform

SNGenres Name
6Illusion, Many like that
AGT 2022 Contestants

America’s Got Talent 2022 Contestants (AGT 2022)

After watching the show AGT judges will decide to take the act into the live performances , or remove it altogether or issue the Golden Buzzer.

America’s Got Talent 2022 Judged

Here are the most Talented AGT 2022 Judges, who are Monitoring the New session of agt 2022

Simon Cowell
Heidi Klum
Sofia Vergara
Howie Mandel
America’s Got Talent 2022 Contestants

It will be presented and hosted by Terry Crews.

Also, in this season we will also see “Golden Buzzer” where our hosts and judges only have one chance to strike the Golden buzzer, and then the particular act will be carried into live performances.

AGT 2022 onAir date and Time

America’s Got Talent Season 17 will be aired on May 31, 2022, from 8/7c NBC.

List of America’s Got Talent 2022 contestants – Selected

Sr NoContestant NameGenreActIn WeekStatus
1Mervant VeraMagicMagicianWeek 1Selected
2Veranica & Her Incredible FriendsAnimalsDog ActWeek 1Selected
3Ben LapidusSingingSingerWeek 1Selected
4XOMG PopDancingPop GroupWeek 1Selected
5The Pack DrumlineMusicDrumline GroupWeek 1Selected
6Celia MunozSingingSingerWeek 1Selected
7Lee CollisionSingingSingerWeek 1Selected
8Mike E. WinfieldComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 1Selected
9Shu TakadaVarietyYoYo ArtistWeek 1Selected
10Aiko TanakaComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 2Selected
11Drake MilliganMusicMusicianWeek 2Selected
12FunkanometryDancingDancing DuoWeek 2Selected
13Fusion JapanDancingDance GroupWeek 2Selected
14Jojo & BriSingingSinging DuoWeek 2Selected
15Marvin AchiVarietyBodybuildingWeek 2Selected
16Meta PhysicVarietyAI SoftwareWeek 2Selected
17The Bock and Roll BandMusicAnimal ActWeek 2Selected
18Zeno SputafuocoDangerStuntsWeek 2Selected
19Viviana RossiDancingAerial DanceWeek 2Selected
20Blade to BladeDangerKnives ThrowingWeek 3Selected
21HarperSingingSingerWeek 3Selected
22Hayden KrystalComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 3Selected
23Jack WilliamsComedyVentriloquistWeek 3Selected
24Max OstlerDancingDancerWeek 3Selected
25NFL Players ChoirSingingSinging GroupWeek 3Selected
26Oleksandr YenivatovCircusContortionWeek 3Selected
27The Brown BrothersSingingSinger/ PianistWeek 3Selected
28Urban Crew FlyersDancingDancing GroupWeek 3Selected

List of America’s Got Talent 2022 contestants – Eliminated

Sr NoContestant NameGenreActIn WeekStatus
1April and SarahAnimalsAnimal ActWeek 1Eliminated
2Jack GradyMagicMagicianWeek 1Eliminated
3Burning JoeDangerStuntWeek 1Eliminated
4Pepino The Mini HorseAnimalsHorse ActWeek 1Eliminated
5Anthony KapferSingingSingerWeek 2Eliminated
6GeorgeComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 2Eliminated
7Waylon NapadoganMusicMusicianWeek 2Eliminated
8Zombie BalletDancingDance GroupWeek 2Eliminated
9Duo Rag DollsDancingDancing DuoWeek 3Eliminated

List of America’s Got Talent 2022 contestants – Auditioned and Buzzer winner

Sr NoContestant NameGenreActIn WeekStatus
1Avery DixonMusicSaxophoneWeek 1Golden Buzzer (Terry)
2Madison BaezSingingSingerWeek 2Golden Buzzer (Howie)
3Sara JamesSingingSingerWeek 3Golden Buzzer (Simon)
4Justin RuppleComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 4Auditioned
5Ethan JanOthersRubik’s Cube SolverWeek 4Auditioned
6The Glamour AussiesAnimalsDog ActWeek 4Auditioned
7Manny D’MagoMagicMagicianWeek 4Auditioned
8Lace LarrabeeComedyStand-up ComedyWeek 4Auditioned
9MayyasDancingDancing GroupWeek 4Auditioned
10Kristen CruzSingingSingerWeek 4Auditioned
11Kristy SellarsDancingDancerWeek 4Auditioned
12Connor KingComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 4Auditioned
13Jannick HolsteMagicIllusionWeek 4Auditioned
14CubcakesDancingDance GroupWeek 4Auditioned
15Chris JamesComedyStand-up ComedianWeek 4Auditioned
16Kieran RhodesSingingSingerWeek 4Auditioned
17Fakir TestaDangerDanger ActWeek 4Auditioned
18Cline TwinsOthersHockey TricksWeek 4Auditioned
19Nicholas BushiComedyVentriloquistTBAAuditioned
20Maxence VIREMagicMagicianTBAAuditioned
21RetrogenixDancingDance GroupTBAAuditioned
22Dan BlockComedyStand-up ComedianTBAAuditioned
23Wyn StarksMusicMusicianTBAAuditioned

We’ve gathered a few contestants we have met at this point. The team will be keeping you updated on other contestants in the near future.

Do not forget to check out the jaw-dropping actions of the contestants and their head-to head competition to win the prize.

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